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History , .uk , .eu , .org) is a website where you can convert players user information back to their account (SteamID /Steam3 /CommunityID / ShortURL) , view statistics and other information. SteamID keeps a local cache of publicly obtainable information to then display stats and other infomation.

SteamID has then moved into an extensive steam profile viewer which allows you to view all kinds of information and statistics that you may not be able to see from Valve themselves. There is honestly too much to write about what it does here as its always changing! – checkout a profile for yourself.

SteamID also offers free services for the community to use such as dynamically generated images that are hosted on site, Multiple lookup tools , Search historical records, Our own database API, Link players with same avatars and much more.

Who made

The site has been entirely made by Martin "M!st" Sheen including dedicated server setups and all other supporting servers that help SteamID operate.