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History is a website where you can convert players SteamID , Steam3ID , CustomURL and SteamID64 back to the Steam Profile and view the other Ids such as SteamID /Steam3 /CommunityID / ShortURL , view statistics and other information. SteamID keeps a local cache of publicly obtainable information to then display stats.

SteamID has moved into an extensive steam profile viewer which allows you to view all kinds of information and statistics that you may not be able to see from Valve themselves. SteamID runs a large network of database servers to assist players in checking players they are trading with or simply looking to re-connect with. If you don’t find what you need on SteamID have a look around, many years on from starting SteamID there are similar websites and services that display similar information

SteamID offers free tools such as Multiple lookup tools , Search historical records, Our own database API, Link players with same avatars and much more. Because of use and server loads some features have been reserved for those who support the site via patreon as this in turn helps pay to keep the service up and running.

Who made

The site, servers, network and security have been soley writen / setup by Martin. This is still a hobby to me which has gone out of control a bit and now requires enterprise hardware to take on tens of thousands of database queries per second across multiple servers pulling and pushing terrabytes of data every month.