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Finding profiles with SteamID tools

SteamID , Steamid64 , Community URL

If you have one of the current IDs simply search it, If you have a console output and wish to lookup a whole team maybe the Multiple finder will be better

Current player name text search

SteamID logs the current name when it updates a profile and that can be searched using the Player Name Search

Previous player names text search

SteamID logs the previous name changes of a profile and includes this in the Player previous Name Search

Previous player vanity / community URL

SteamID logs the previous Vanity ot Community URL changes of a profile and includes this in the Player previous URL Search If SteamID has seen the vanity URL it will show up as player history. This can be used to locate scammers when they switch out the vanity URL and where you only have the /id/ link but it does rely on the profile being updated on SteamID

Player summary search

SteamID logs the players summary which is the text area at the top of a steam profile, this took can be used under the Summary Search. There are lots of use cases but one might be to locate websites or advertised services across multiple profiles.

Group Search

SteamID logs group history, while results are limited if you now a group the user is in you maybe able to find that group Group Search

Avatar finder

SteamID logs players avatars and can show others who have this profile in use, If its been seen by SteamID and its currently the avatar and you happen to have the image URL, the Avatar Finder tool can be used.