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Profile data explained

below is some of the information on what information which is displayed on a profile and may answer some questions you may have.

Profile top section

In the top section you will see basic information around name, avatar , profile bans. SteamID,Steam64 and community vanity URL if applicable.

Warning on community status

This means that the SteamID was seen over the SteamAPI as community banned at some point in time, This could be due to being community banned OR the SteamID has been locked for some reason and has since been unbanned or unlocked.

other profile data in the top section

The SteamID rating is top left, this allows other users to rate up and down and the score is calculated from zero and takes into account the negative and positive votes. There is a large system behind this which checks for false reporting

Other profile data such as date registered, SteamID updates and other links are all self-explanatory

Patreon Tool functions on profile

CSV Export of Names, Friends and Group history are a CSV export of this players data

Friends network is beta - this tries to map out possible friend groups

Mutual Friends - This works out the amount of mutual friends between the profile you are viewing and the friend on the list - this is heavy on the database so may cause page speed to slow.

The Tag user option allows you to tag the profile you are viewing, When you then view another profile it will try to match and highlight simular data.
Currently this data is limited to:
*Historic names - (Picks out everything between spaces 4 or more characters)
*Current Friends
*historic Friends
*Current groups
*Historic groups
*URL History (Name history parts are checked against this)
This data will be marked / highlighted or put into a sub-section

Previous Community URLS

These are URLs that the profile has used in the past, click the URL to see the history of what other profiles may have used this. As an example, Some fake trading accounts might have a vast amounts of URLs with random letters and numbers

Previous personas

These are the past personas that the profile has used, Patreon users can see these in full with a timestamp. clicking the name URL will take you to the name history search page to allow you to quickly find other profiles which may have used the same names

Namehistory timestamps may vary but are stored in the same format - SteamID has various servers in different timezones so names could show +1 / -1 hour of the real time.

SteamArchive images

This section shows thumbnails of images from SteamArchive, clicking this will take you over to the other site.

Alt / linked accounts

These are accounts seen by SteamID which are either an ALT account OR linked in some way **Some could be from sharing a VPN but there are a few methods.

Similar names found

SteamID takes the current name and sends a request off to the text searching servers to find similar current names, the results are limited but click the overall found number link and it will take you to the main search pages for these results.

Steam Level History

This is a plot of the Steam level steam for this profile by SteamID. As one small example, you may find some trading profiles that claim to be trading for years go from 0 - 10 to 100+ within the space of a few days on blank profiles


This displays the current groups the player is in along with the historicity seen groups they have been in

Profile Visibility

This logs history of profile viability state

Previous Avatars

These are previous avatars the user has used, Click the link to be taken to the avatar finder for this image to find other users who are activly using this exact same image.

Profile Comments

These are profile comments left by other SteamID users - comments are only visible once approved

Steam Friends over time

SteamID plots how many friends a profile has and how many historic friends and plots this in a chart

Steam Friends

This is the current Steam Friends the user has, Displayed in the table is various information about the friend.

  • The Friend Bans is friends only, the Friends of Friends bans are exactly that how many bans across all of their friends friends

  • The friend account year chart averages out the year of the friends account, great for looking at older accounts which have only recently become active for various reasons

  • The friend for year(s) logs a count of how many friends that play has been friends for sorted by Year, again another good indicator

  • The Friends location is based off the friends set location on their profile, While we know trolls love to pick a random location generally the data reflects the users rough location, Different for traders

  • The [V] [T] and [C] indicators you see in this list is a count of how many Vac, Trade or Community banned friends that friend has

  • The "days friends" number is a count from the SteamAPI of when the accounts became friends and NOT when SteamID has seen this data

  • The mutual friends link button will take you to a page to show you mutual friends between the profile you are viewing and the one you have selected.

  • The green rings or "link" symbol on a friends list means that you are friends with the shown Steam profile.

  • The friends network or Suspected friends groups patreon group is in development still but tries to match out friend groups.

Historic Steam Friends

This is the historic friends this user has been friends with in the past.

  • Note: if a profile is private then SteamID cannot split current and historic friends so any that are on record will be shown in the historic section.

  • The Historic friend bans chart shows historic friend bans only

  • The "Friend Date" is a date from the SteamAPI of when the accounts became friends and NOT when SteamID has seen this data

  • The mutual friends link button will take you to a page to show you mutual friends between the profile you are viewing and the one you have selected.