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Country: Finland
Steam member since: 19/03/2007
Member for: 13 years
Profile updated: 118 times on SteamID

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Persona History

NameWhen It Was Changed
Glacius Verglas2 Jan 11:08am
ShadowBerry™6 Dec 2018 2:59am
Unironic xD3 Aug 2018 4:55pm
uWu Whats This?2 Aug 2018 12:42pm
Birthday Meme Call Now1 Aug 2018 3:28pm
Blue Dragon14 Jul 2018 1:41pm
Fully Immersed7 Jun 2018 10:31am
; Kill This Guy7 Jun 2018 9:54am
ShadowBerry1 Jun 2018 9:20pm
Road to Silver18 May 2018 10:06am
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Glacius n/a
Glacius n/a
Glacius n/a
Glacius n/a
GLACiUS. n/a
Glacius n/a
Glacius n/a
Glacius n/a
Glacius n/a
Glacius n/a

Previous Persona Names

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    Glacius Verglas
    ShadowBerry™ Glacius Verglas Unironic xD uWu Whats This? Birthday Meme Call Now Glacius Verglas Blue Dragon Glacius Verglas Fully Immersed ; Kill This Guy ShadowBerry Road to Silver
    Glacius Verglas Trial Rem Vanya Emilia The Big Bad Blue Disabled Kid Glacius Verglas [bGC] Glacius Verglas ΣZΣ | Glacius Verglas ΣZΣ | Bruce U ΣZΣ | Blue Dragon Blue Dragon Blue Probably Chrysa Possibly Chrysa Not Chrysa Glacius Verglas Sleeping Dr.. ShadowBerr.. Blue Dr.. Game of Thrones Dispe.. ΣZΣ | Glacius Ver.. Glacius Deadcore Ver.. Glacius Ver.. ΣZΣ | ShadowB.. ShadowB.. Berry Berry Berry Berry B.. ShadowBerry did memes and.. ShadowBerry Strea.. ShadowBerry Stream .. Stream Delayed Fuc.. Streaming Berry in 20 Min.. ShadowBerr.. ShadowBerr.. Glacius Ver.. Foreign Nukemfag gets d.. ΣZΣ | Glacius Ver.. My.. Glacius Ver.. Blue Butt .. WTF Is This M.. QQ Repl.. VI VON Z.. ShadowB.. Glacius Ver.. Elp Im drunk, Ask me anyth.. Glacius Verglas #Rec.. Glacius Verglas #Recrui.. Glacius Verglas #Rec.. ΣZΣ | Glacius Ver.. ShadowBerr.. REEE..
    Ch.. I need j.. V Let Sleeping Dragons.. Glacius, the Frost Dr.. ShadowBerr.. M.. Gla.. Glacius ;B.. Glacius, the Frost Dr.. ΣZΣ | Glacius, the Frost.. ΣZΣ | Gla.. Yoghurt Dr.. Glaci.. Glacius [.. Glacius [Away, ETA.. ShadowB.. Er.. Umbra Ac.. Glacius, the Frost Dr.. Glacius, the Frost Dr.. Drunk M.. Drunk Mercy [Str.. ShadowBerr.. B.. ح.. ظَلَّت.. horr.. ShadowBerr.. Br.. Glacius, the Frost Dr.. Meadows of So.. Some Frosty Dr.. Boring Pe.. T.. Dad Disowns NonObeying G.. ShadowBerr.. ΣZΣ | ShadowBerr.. Glacius, the Frost Dr.. ShadowBerr.. ĞΣZΣŠ | ShadowBerr.. ShadowBerr.. Glacius, the Frost Dr.. Save Me From This Meme .. Glacius, the Frost Dr.. Ive Had Enought. Gn.. ShadowBerr.. LFM CoOp Score .. Opening a Wildfire is a Ba.. Manifestation of Re.. Physical Re.. ΣZΣ | ShadowBerr..
    ShadowBerr.. Glacius, the Frost Dr.. ShadowBerr.. ΣZΣ | ShadowBerr.. The Dark.. Glacius, the Frost Dr.. Glacius, Sage Lukes P.. Thank You Bob .. Blue Dr.. ΣZΣ | Blue Dr.. ΣZΣ | ShadowBerr.. ΣZΣ | Berry .. ShadowBerr.. Glacius, the Frost Dr.. Glacius, the Hangover Dr.. Streaming .. Soma Stream Soon; With Tea.. Streaming SOMA SOON #Its.. Streaming SOMA #Its.. Glacius, the Frost Dr.. ShadowBerr.. Shadow Berry P.. .. Gaben has Abandone.. ITS TIME FOR C.. Streaming 2 Shadow C.. Opening 2 Shadow C.. Glacius, the Frost Dr.. Hearth Nervewreck S.. FUCKING PATRON PRIEST?????.. glaci.. Ken Ka.. ShadowBerr.. ShadowBerry™ [Stream.. Blue, the Striped Ra.. ShadowBerr.. Clown Horizons Feel Fi.. Be back lat.. Project Horizons Clown Fi.. DunklesBeer.. As.. ShadowBerr.. Shit.. Starry .. ΣZΣ | ★ ShadowBerry™.. ΣZΣ | ShadowBerr.. ShadowBerr.. A Dr.. Busy Dragon Doing Dragon T.. Black.. ShadowBerr.. ShadowBerry™ #UnMuteP.. Sh.. .. .. .. Streaming YOWH Roo.. ShadowBerr.. Steve the .. Angry Sh.. Useless .. ΣZΣ | ShadowBerr.. .. Weinsters - .. Chrysa is a slutty Batpony.. Fli.. Meep .. Lightys Spankable .. Slimeponys Feeding Gro.. 4:23 Midnight Light™: .. MidnightLight is a Cocksl.. ShadowBerr.. DoesThisLookLikeTheFaceOfM.. Cth.. Who A.. No New PH Chapter This Wee.. Cold Blooded ShadowBerr.. ShadowBerr.. VarjoM.. Glacius, the Dank Dr.. Bat Abuser .. 10 10 Cute No.. 0 10 No Berry P.. ΣZΣ | ShadowBerr.. ShadowBerry™ #.. Berry Do.. ShadowBerr.. Glacius, the Ice Dr.. Fappy Senpai Notic.. Cunt of a Dr.. ΣZΣ | ShadowBerr.. ShadowBerr.. Blue Dr.. Littl.. Glacius, the Ice Drago.. Blue Drago.. ShadowBerr.. ShadowBerry™ #Strea.. ShadowBerry™ #Broad.. 欠 を 食.. 私はお尻を食.. ShadowBerry™ #B.. ΣZΣ | ShadowBerr.. ShadowBerry™ #LMS.. ΣZΣ | Glacius, the Ice D..
    Nade Flier .. Go .. ShadowBerr.. Be a .. Slee.. REST IN - WORLD SE.. Orange Destr.. Blue Dragon™ #KimSt.. Blue Dragon™ #.. Blue "Bloodstained&qu.. ShadowBerry #KimSt.. .. Im so - mad right .. Berry @Sleep Attemp.. Adorable, You .. Muffled Horse So.. ShadowBerry™ #.. ShadowBerry™ #S.. Last Man Standing Test.. U.. Fuck Everything (Tradem.. Faded Memo.. Boopsi Do.. ded WESTERSAND TEST JOI.. Only A Trim.. Garbage.. Boopsis - Bu.. Chrysabats Slutty Pink W.. Hydreigons Cum.. Blue "Ice" Dr.. Shadow Mon.. %%Tony %Montana .. Berry P.. ShadowBerry™ [Convoy Re.. ShadowBerry™ WON CO.. ShadowBerry™ [b.. ShadowBerry™ (Blue Dra.. Shadow Berry P.. Pu.. Solar F.. Princess Celestia of the.. Princess Celestia of Ecl.. Princess Boop.. Hold Space > Acquire S.. Nox Aet.. Jack Hark.. Berry Punch #.. Mr. Useless.. Use.. Boopsi Doodles .. Biggest PonyFa.. B.P Em..
    ΣZΣ | Berry P.. Berry Pu.. Bewwy Pw.. ΣZΣ | Blue WoW Fa.. ΣZΣ | Blue Dragon .. Filly P.. ΣZΣ | .. ΣZΣ | Blue Dragon #Its.. .. Purple, Poisonous M.. Dragon Inu.. La Salope a Câlins de Twi.. ΣZΣ | Blue "Sapphir.. ΣZΣ | Sapphire Dr.. ΣZΣ | "&q.. ΣZΣ | Bluish Dr.. ΣZΣ|BlueDragon[.. ΣZΣ|BlueDr.. BlueShortfinMakoS.. ΣZΣ|BlueShortfinMakoS.. ΣZΣ|BlueDrago.. ΣZΣ|BlueDra.. ΣZΣ|Blue#Pone.. BlueDragon[Mu..
    FirstName Seen by SteamID
    ΣZΣ | Blue Dracone..

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Yansky n/a
Scifer n/a
ωaωa|Bluekitty n/a
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