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Lena Ulionova


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Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:17000554

Steam3: [U:1:34001109]

Community ID: 76561197994266837

Custom URL: lunarshadow


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Steam member since: 17/11/2007
Member for: 16 years

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Persona History from Steam

NameWhen It Was Changed
Lena Ulionova5 May 2021 9:15am
Hex: Inverted Dick29 Apr 2021 3:07pm
Lunar Shadow5 Jul 2014 8:59am
Lyndon Baines Johnson4 Jul 2014 11:46am
Lunaan Shadough17 Jun 2014 7:25pm
Lunaan Shadow17 Jun 2014 7:25pm
Lunar ShaDal17 Jun 2014 7:24pm
Sinister Shadow14 Oct 2013 8:36am
Лунар шадов22 Aug 2013 7:59am
BattleBrother Lunar Shadow12 Dec 2012 5:57pm

Previous Persona Names

23 persona's. Results limited.
    Lena Ulionova Hex: Inverted Dick
    Lena Ulionova
    Lunar Shadow Lyndon Ba... Lunaan... Lunar...
    Sinist... Sinist... Vladimir&quo... Zuc... Луна... Lo...
    VladimirRe... Lunar... The Sini... Ministerof... Ministerof... Rapefort... BattleBrot...

Steam Level History


The Demon Bird Clan Anfiniti Zombre Brigade The Bingo Geezers BurnTheEvidence Kafive's European TF2 League Wakkie Nu Nu! The Empire of Spain WNN SotorKohmondos Out Of Control ( ANTI-SOPA Holiday Sale Community Group BZST Gaming .:Ottoman Empire:. :.Kingdom of Spain.: Kingdom of ltaly Tribes: Ascend DARK SOULS™: Prepare To Die Edition Bundle Stars ValveTestApp228280 Dragon Nest .:Union of Soviet  Socialist Republics:. Star Conflict Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons Killing Floor 2 ValveTestApp234630 Steam Trading Cards Group Nuclear Throne Democracy 3 Panzar Child of Light 7 Days to Die Steam Music South Park™: The Stick of Truth™ Gods Will Be Watching DARK SOULS™ II RUNNING WITH RIFLES World of Guns: Gun Disassembly Crypt of the NecroDancer Final Fantasy III (3D Remake) Dead Rising 3 Sunless Sea Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove TransOcean: The Shipping Company Heroes & Generals X-Plane 10 Global - 64 Bit ArcheAge Resident Evil The Vanishing of Ethan Carter The Long Dark -- Sandbox Alpha FINAL FANTASY XIII Dungeons 2 Windward Ori and the Blind Forest Anfinitians The Repopulation Xsyon - Prelude Dirty Bomb Grey Goo Armello The Reclaimers <DELVE> TOXIKK Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 Homeworld Remastered Collection Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered Reign Of Kings ONE PIECE PIRATE WARRIORS 3 Elite Dangerous DARK SOULS™ II: Scholar of the First Sin StarDrive 2 DiRT Rally ARK: Survival Evolved Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 Sisters Generation Rocket League Empyrion - Galactic Survival Fairy Fencer F The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC Worlds Adrift Minecraft: Story Mode - A Telltale Games Series Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3 V Generation Hurtworld SimplePlanes Stardew Valley Scrap Mechanic Feed and Grow: Fish Slime Rancher Shakes and Fidget Eco The Technomancer War of Rights Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Deep Rock Galactic Rend Satisfactory Amazing Cultivation Simulator Going Medieval Curious Expedition 2 Dwarf Fortress Book of Travels TaleSpire Hood: Outlaws & Legends Dread Hunger Myth of Empires Sunshine Heavy Industries Force of Nature 2

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Date Seen Status
2019-01-13 Public

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66 Friends Historically
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Icon Add Mutual Name Friend Stats SteamID Days friends Vac Trade Com Game Sid loc Rating Level
forg forg Active Patreon STEAM_0:0:77380 1,564 n/a 62
opiuman opiuman [V:3] STEAM_0:0:88837 4,335 n/a 16
Peligin Peligin Private STEAM_0:1:178622 1,537 n/a 17
Clara the DoomBringer Clara the DoomBringer [V:1] STEAM_0:1:203071 n/a 14
Torchmaster Torchmaster [V:4] STEAM_0:1:264790 4,233 n/a 28
King Awesome King Awesome [V:1] [C:1] STEAM_0:1:434722 3,393 n/a 26
BravoZulu BravoZulu [V:12] [C:1] STEAM_0:1:483218 n/a 10
Strange Strange [V:5] STEAM_0:1:796317 4,594 n/a 18
Goofy ᴛᴏᴀ Goofy ᴛᴏᴀ [V:4] STEAM_0:1:883676 n/a 16
Foxy_Miki Foxy_Miki [V:4] STEAM_0:0:2302728 4,526 n/a 22
General Goodyear General Goodyear [V:4] [C:21] STEAM_0:0:3768640 n/a 10
eram eram [V:6] STEAM_0:0:4152245 4,214 n/a 54
[2F1C]Narfly [2F1C]Narfly [V:3] STEAM_0:0:4729653 n/a 10
Trebor Trebor STEAM_0:1:4803834 n/a 13
wXAchillesXw wXAchillesXw [V:3] STEAM_0:1:5135089 n/a 12
Sgt. Waffle Sgt. Waffle Private STEAM_0:1:5423224 n/a -
Patricia Hearst Patricia Hearst [V:5] STEAM_0:1:6010837 n/a 10
I Give Hugs I Give Hugs [V:3] STEAM_0:0:7622747 4,383 n/a 14
mr Trollmaster Flex (USA) mr Trollmaster Flex (USA) [V:2] STEAM_0:1:7783599 1,909 n/a 43
Agent Burt Macklin Agent Burt Macklin Private [V:7] [C:3] STEAM_0:1:7859301 4,645 n/a 11
 KA  Stiener KA Stiener [V:4] STEAM_0:1:8267880 n/a 9
[ÐÐ] korrectmethod [ÐÐ] korrectmethod [V:1] STEAM_0:1:8712782 n/a 9
Claire Claire Private STEAM_0:0:9111628 560 n/a 20
MisterM MisterM STEAM_0:0:9854739 4,861 n/a 12
Ethic Ethic [V:9] STEAM_0:0:9922235 4,439 n/a 16
TangerineBoost TangerineBoost [V:4] STEAM_0:1:10402067 n/a 16
goooooooose #(´・ω・`) goooooooose #(´・ω・`) [V:6] [C:6] STEAM_0:0:10808819 3,213 n/a 31
HoSs HoSs [V:12] STEAM_0:0:11456164 n/a 11
Axhi Axhi Private [V:1] [C:1] STEAM_0:1:11491837 2,989 n/a -
papertowel papertowel Private STEAM_0:1:12750800 3,935 n/a -
Zergoon Zergoon [V:3] STEAM_0:0:13925085 n/a 16
Kafive Kafive STEAM_0:1:14172088 n/a 12
Steejo Steejo [V:37] [C:3] STEAM_0:0:14561475 4,929 n/a 14
coats coats [V:11] [C:1] STEAM_0:0:15037725 n/a 12
Caveman Caveman [V:6] STEAM_0:0:15253924 5,227 n/a 8
OniCr0w OniCr0w [V:3] STEAM_0:1:15258523 n/a 10
Crafty | CraftyWalrus  rvng Crafty | CraftyWalrus rvng [V:3] STEAM_0:0:15617942 n/a 8
Dizzybro Dizzybro [V:3] STEAM_0:1:15790667 n/a 9
Dr Hoboman XXIII Dr Hoboman XXIII Private STEAM_0:1:16186246 n/a -
Osbourne Osbourne [V:1] STEAM_0:0:16284877 2,756 n/a 10
Asylum Asylum [V:3] STEAM_0:1:16432720 n/a 10
dora dora [V:4] [C:2] STEAM_0:0:16500184 4,654 n/a 13
Revolutionary Girl Miluda Revolutionary Girl Miluda [V:2] STEAM_0:1:16524614 453 n/a 22
Aliason Aliason [V:1] STEAM_0:0:16537891 4,129 n/a 17
KrewL KrewL [V:3] STEAM_0:0:16610723 4,046 n/a 28
Incredible Noob Incredible Noob [V:1] STEAM_0:1:16613806 n/a 12
SuperChickenHunter SuperChickenHunter Private STEAM_0:0:16773529 1,894 n/a -
Electric Hat Electric Hat [V:1] STEAM_0:1:16812392 4,773 n/a 9
Atrophius Atrophius [V:24] STEAM_0:1:16928401 n/a 19
Sevey Sevey [V:9] STEAM_0:0:16943529 n/a 14
Pasokon Pasokon Private [V:2] STEAM_0:1:17069263 3,803 n/a 18
Hitguy Hitguy [V:2] STEAM_0:1:17292546 n/a 17
Hiyari Hiyari [V:4] STEAM_0:0:17474577 2,899 n/a 22
g23armani g23armani STEAM_0:1:17560200 3,638 n/a 9
Calestra  Xao Calestra Xao Private STEAM_0:0:17811981 2,801 n/a -
No. 1 In Heaven No. 1 In Heaven [V:1] STEAM_0:0:17953685 4,240 n/a 18
Shaleblade Shaleblade [V:3] STEAM_0:0:18150478 4,046 n/a 47
Kreme De La Kremlin Kreme De La Kremlin [V:10] [C:1] STEAM_0:1:18150952 4,827 n/a 11
Sen the Fortress Sen the Fortress [V:1] STEAM_0:0:18655020 n/a 10
DonkaHairDoctor DonkaHairDoctor [V:1] STEAM_0:0:18715075 3,825 n/a 10
tapehand tapehand [C:3] STEAM_0:0:18808031 n/a 23
FlurryJK2 FlurryJK2 [V:1] STEAM_0:1:18994256 n/a 12
[TCR] CraftyWalrus [TCR] CraftyWalrus [V:7] STEAM_0:1:19039598 n/a 12
lemons lemons Private [V:5] STEAM_0:1:19040952 4,987 n/a -
Doctor Brutals Doctor Brutals Private STEAM_0:0:19235017 5,206 n/a -
DD [r] KiLlAuDiO DD [r] KiLlAuDiO [V:7] [C:1] STEAM_0:1:19333578 n/a 7
Cirosan Cirosan [V:1] STEAM_0:0:19531768 4,429 n/a 11
Nice Boat! Nice Boat! [V:6] [C:1] STEAM_0:1:19680084 4,956 n/a 12
Samwise Samwise [V:2] STEAM_0:0:19699014 4,239 n/a 21
Folio Folio STEAM_0:1:19772307 4,634 n/a 19
axfty axfty [V:1] STEAM_0:0:20047005 4,027 n/a 40
Arsalan Khan Arsalan Khan [V:2] STEAM_0:1:20066124 n/a 6
tandy tandy [V:1] STEAM_0:1:20292868 4,264 n/a 30
Jangmar Jangmar Private STEAM_0:1:20382320 3,071 n/a 49
Natael Natael STEAM_0:1:20477333 3,808 n/a 38
Nero Nero Private STEAM_0:1:20502432 4,102 n/a -
Dikembe Bazongo Dikembe Bazongo STEAM_0:1:21125636 n/a 14
HelloGoldfish HelloGoldfish [V:9] [C:1] STEAM_0:0:21830726 n/a 75
Cpt. CapsLock Cpt. CapsLock [V:1] STEAM_0:1:22084161 3,991 n/a 28
King Nothing King Nothing [V:3] [C:1] STEAM_0:0:22380695 3,886 n/a 23
He Had a Hat He Had a Hat STEAM_0:0:22625004 5,170 n/a -
Soest Soest STEAM_0:1:22655774 4,534 n/a 63
Mr.Fox Mr.Fox Private [V:3] [C:1] STEAM_0:0:23129757 4,525 n/a 27
Doofus McGoof Doofus McGoof [C:1] STEAM_0:1:23503972 5,132 n/a 11
๖ [V:7] [C:1] STEAM_0:1:24276200 4,604 n/a 39
Aurora Skye Aurora Skye [V:1] STEAM_0:1:24350445 987 n/a 12
i eat cigarettes i eat cigarettes [V:1] STEAM_0:0:24558852 3,010 n/a 21
Ruritsu Ruritsu [V:13] STEAM_0:0:24897241 4,906 n/a 12
Tsarbucks Tsarbucks [V:2] [C:2] STEAM_0:0:24914884 4,240 n/a 27
Blockhead Blockhead STEAM_0:0:24916310 4,904 n/a 20
KrUsTy_BMW KrUsTy_BMW [V:12] [C:3] STEAM_0:1:25531100 4,609 n/a 10
actuallyTall actuallyTall STEAM_0:1:25938170 4,233 n/a 10
sleepobeepo sleepobeepo [V:1] STEAM_0:0:26107836 4,083 n/a 10
megan.viccica megan.viccica Private STEAM_0:1:26324115 4,563 n/a -
*Naheal *Naheal STEAM_0:0:26564845 4,401 n/a 11
CursedBones CursedBones STEAM_0:0:26804388 4,040 n/a 45
EldritchCoffee EldritchCoffee STEAM_0:1:27015729 3,591 n/a 12
Jank Potato Jon Jank Potato Jon [V:2] STEAM_0:0:27059191 4,022 n/a 12
Cap n Neon Cap n Neon STEAM_0:0:27113420 4,429 n/a 21
Culgrim Culgrim STEAM_0:1:27331652 2,605 n/a 11
Bigfoot Bigfoot [V:1] [C:2] STEAM_0:0:27356922 3,886 n/a 9
Zerazul Zerazul Private STEAM_0:0:28506706 3,131 n/a 18
Fish Fisherman Fish Fisherman [V:14] [C:1] STEAM_0:0:29195147 4,422 n/a 34
Nevrm0re Nevrm0re [V:2] STEAM_0:0:29469243 4,690 n/a 24
handbananaison1 handbananaison1 [V:1] STEAM_0:1:29589428 4,794 n/a 7
Runac Runac [V:3] STEAM_0:1:29870043 3 n/a 15
Alhireth_Hotep Alhireth_Hotep Private STEAM_0:1:32331112 593 n/a -
Nesune Nesune [V:2] STEAM_0:0:32354808 2,888 n/a 31
hellokatz hellokatz STEAM_0:0:32478505 3,306 n/a 10
Runic Runic [V:4] [C:1] STEAM_0:0:32635818 4,109 n/a 27
Hayato Hayato STEAM_0:0:33821464 3,024 n/a 15
LiterallyTrippin LiterallyTrippin Private STEAM_0:0:33991614 2,059 n/a -
Scull Lord Scull Lord STEAM_0:0:35068796 3,361 n/a 24
MasikaRailgun MasikaRailgun Private [C:1] STEAM_0:0:35114442 431 n/a -
EastCoastGamingHFX EastCoastGamingHFX STEAM_0:0:37237666 478 n/a 12
Sami Sami [V:2] STEAM_0:1:37601185 3,988 n/a 16
god s li l friend god s li l friend Private STEAM_0:1:37681247 1,912 n/a 22
LakeNaked LakeNaked [V:1] STEAM_0:0:38011760 4,317 n/a 13
Zero Taicho Zero Taicho [V:6] [C:1] STEAM_0:0:39009478 3,280 n/a 24
Ditto Ditto STEAM_0:1:39859610 4,227 n/a 24
The Color Of Snowbows The Color Of Snowbows Private STEAM_0:0:40231686 4,235 n/a -
Contralto Contralto STEAM_0:1:40358724 1,519 n/a 19
Benathie Benathie [V:2] STEAM_0:0:40500011 2,640 n/a 12
Two Faced Harlequin Two Faced Harlequin STEAM_0:0:40769791 3,131 n/a 10
-Blackout337- -Blackout337- [V:14] STEAM_0:0:41626692 670 n/a 13
hydrauliccs hydrauliccs STEAM_0:0:41786498 1,616 n/a 11
SmashedFinger SmashedFinger [V:2] [C:4] STEAM_0:1:41797860 4,105 n/a 18
Mike Oxmall Mike Oxmall [V:2] [C:1] STEAM_0:1:42798604 2,066 n/a 12
ninjasan11 ninjasan11 STEAM_0:0:42848357 3,741 n/a 11
ComplacentSheep ComplacentSheep STEAM_0:1:42972055 3,959 n/a 10
Trassic Trassic Private STEAM_0:1:43193687 674 n/a -
NateLog NateLog STEAM_0:0:43909933 1,996 n/a 13
Dennis Dennis [V:1] STEAM_0:0:45962417 4,151 n/a 5
Mercosian Mercosian STEAM_0:0:46327503 3,078 n/a 15
Unknown_Email Unknown_Email STEAM_0:1:47542362 2,160 n/a 13
bingus bingus STEAM_0:1:47686088 693 n/a 9
Kyle Kyle STEAM_0:1:47799103 3,308 n/a 7
medamaude medamaude Private [V:1] STEAM_0:1:51881644 1,181 n/a 30
Neirsil Neirsil [V:3] STEAM_0:0:53396936 1,628 n/a 23
Maisie Maisie [V:1] [C:2] STEAM_0:0:53944213 3,131 n/a 10
KaidaKitty KaidaKitty STEAM_0:1:55186430 1,196 n/a 8
The Lappy 486 The Lappy 486 [V:1] STEAM_0:0:55368972 1,182 n/a 9
TransGoat TransGoat STEAM_0:0:55864689 1,721 n/a 65
livelyfire livelyfire STEAM_0:0:58353973 3,593 n/a -
Fred Flintstone Fred Flintstone STEAM_0:1:58664497 3,750 n/a 6
w1tchfind3r w1tchfind3r [V:15] [C:2] STEAM_0:0:60568773 1,721 n/a 36
THEFORGOTTEN101 THEFORGOTTEN101 Private STEAM_0:1:61334550 3,111 n/a -
PrettyTarable PrettyTarable [V:1] STEAM_0:0:63448627 1,996 n/a 9
a bewildered seamus costello a bewildered seamus costello STEAM_0:0:65516741 1,941 n/a 34
Burrell Boom Bandit Burrell Boom Bandit Private STEAM_0:0:66536208 2,139 n/a -
Narf Narf [V:3] STEAM_0:1:226407432 1,171 n/a 19
Henricksson Henricksson [V:2] STEAM_0:0:233175543 694 n/a 6
man man Private STEAM_0:0:517837495 1,020 n/a -
iveeransf iveeransf STEAM_0:0:542459445 1,078 n/a -

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