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Country: Denmark
Steam member since: 17/04/2009
Member for: 14 years

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Pure Pwnage Janus Syndicate =CATS= ModDB :3 東方 ~ Touhou Vent Mob Half-Life 2: Episode Two Zombie Panic! Source Thigh High Socks Overgrowth Killing Floor Let me suck on your finger, I beg you I WRESTLE WITH MANLY CREATURES SUCH AS HYDRAS AND BEARS Zombie Master Revival Fallout: New Vegas [RV] Revolt Hyperdimension Neptunia A Call for Communication (Half-Life) Lewd Upotte!! CUHRAYZEE Generals Cave Story+ Ultra Street Fighter IV PREQUEL Fans! FINAL FANTASY VII Killing Floor 2 /v/irgin Down Broccoli Dogs Only I wanna go home The PurrFect Clan NEW GMAN ARMY [Imperials] -Dogs- BattleBlock Theater Shiba Conglomerate Shelter 2 The Huskers DYNASTY WARRIORS 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition pants♂wrestlers Fighting Games General /fgg/ Cute Crew Depth Dog Sled Saga NEKOPARA Vol. 1 Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 Sisters Generation Street Fighter V SAMURAI WARRIORS 4-II Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3 V Generation Impossible Creatures Manly Creatures: The Awakening Megadimension Neptunia VII SENRAN KAGURA Bon Appetit! Tales of Berseria SENRAN KAGURA ESTIVAL VERSUS Okami HD SENRAN KAGURA Peach Beach Splash Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Jurassic World Evolution /an/cord Shenmue III Risk of Rain 2 SENRAN KAGURA Burst Re:Newal Cats² Trepang2 POSTAL 4: No Regerts Little Kitty, Big City POSTAL Brain Damaged Compound Fracture Full Circle 戦場のフーガ Made in Abyss: Binary Star Falling into Darkness

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2020-01-25 Public

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63 Current Friends
20 Friends Historically
Vac: 5 (7.94%) Trade Community
Icon Add Mutual Name Friend Stats SteamID Days friends Vac Trade Com Game Sid loc Rating Level
Wilikki_1 Wilikki_1 [V:1] STEAM_0:1:5789761 3,305 n/a 42
Tony Hawk s Pro Skater 2 Tony Hawk s Pro Skater 2 Private [V:2] STEAM_0:0:7102100 3,538 n/a 14
Gazzer! Gazzer! [V:4] STEAM_0:0:7520030 4,548 n/a 10
Terril Terril [V:1] [C:1] STEAM_0:0:8151587 3,682 n/a 27
Azeliah Azeliah [V:5] [C:1] STEAM_0:1:10680036 3,690 n/a 11
Millo Millo [V:4] STEAM_0:1:12137301 3,684 n/a 42
AENielsen AENielsen [V:2] STEAM_0:0:13138291 2,706 n/a 29
Garryfish Garryfish [V:13] STEAM_0:1:15110652 4,513 n/a 9
Gromek777 Gromek777 [V:7] STEAM_0:1:16438322 3,817 n/a 62
RB Spin RB Spin [V:21] [C:4] STEAM_0:0:19744165 4,582 n/a 70
Oekeokiki Oekeokiki [V:7] STEAM_0:0:19776210 834 n/a 17
Zelaney Zelaney STEAM_0:0:20084903 3,374 n/a 9
Nisse Astronaut Nisse Astronaut [V:37] [C:2] STEAM_0:0:20320414 4,741 n/a 12
CypeFox CypeFox [V:3] STEAM_0:0:20827545 3,543 n/a 64
The Amazing Duce The Amazing Duce [V:10] [C:1] STEAM_0:0:20989947 3,385 n/a 46
Sevrah Sevrah [V:1] STEAM_0:0:21067630 3,129 n/a 11
Natsu Natsu [V:16] STEAM_0:1:22121177 4,720 n/a 30
EzeeShady EzeeShady [V:1] STEAM_0:1:22514348 744 n/a 14
CH CH STEAM_0:1:23857406 2,041 n/a 12
TTV Dreaded_Firefly TTV Dreaded_Firefly [V:2] STEAM_0:1:24356519 2,682 n/a 12
Raimyah Raimyah [V:2] STEAM_0:0:24427696 3,051 n/a 154
Mystyy Mystyy [V:3] STEAM_0:0:25315424 925 n/a 18
Grumps McGurt Grumps McGurt [V:1] STEAM_0:0:25600888 4,822 n/a 26
M_5220_M M_5220_M [V:1] STEAM_0:1:27393744 4,565 n/a 8
Vanupuikko Vanupuikko [V:1] STEAM_0:1:28467009 4,292 n/a 14
Zøls Zøls [V:2] STEAM_0:0:28544121 4,075 n/a 10
Nergal 1610 [FIN] Nergal 1610 [FIN] [V:7] [C:1] STEAM_0:1:28903634 828 n/a 14
FFeFox FFeFox [V:1] STEAM_0:0:32030905 3,490 n/a 13
Feshaw Feshaw [V:4] [C:1] STEAM_0:0:32033898 3,521 n/a 19
Jaime Brando Jaime Brando [V:4] [C:1] STEAM_0:0:32606498 1,142 n/a 10
Sly guy Sly guy Private STEAM_0:1:33147820 4,192 n/a -
Beansu Beansu [V:13] STEAM_0:0:33494754 1,612 n/a 23
[82AD] SheerCold [82AD] SheerCold Private STEAM_0:0:33809543 4,160 n/a -
DarthRevan980 DarthRevan980 [V:2] [C:2] STEAM_0:0:34228289 4,552 n/a 19
iHuzTLeeR iHuzTLeeR STEAM_0:1:36156385 3,825 n/a 10
Minidiablo4 Minidiablo4 [V:2] STEAM_0:1:40684037 1,414 n/a 9
Layn Layn Private STEAM_0:1:40913719 1,054 n/a 52
EvilMalcho EvilMalcho [V:4] STEAM_0:1:41527933 4,078 n/a 12
Tokala Tokala [V:8] STEAM_0:1:42026093 3,160 n/a 23
SeethingPickle SeethingPickle [V:14] [C:2] STEAM_0:0:43021874 3,244 n/a 23
Maitopurkki Maitopurkki [V:7] [C:1] STEAM_0:0:43259835 3,084 n/a 40
Vanya Vanya STEAM_0:0:43516088 4,098 n/a 7
Starfall Starfall [V:1] STEAM_0:1:48658002 3,678 n/a 6
DEMOLIZER DEMOLIZER Private STEAM_0:0:50126953 3,168 n/a -
majse majse [V:1] [C:1] STEAM_0:1:55870468 2,144 n/a 12
oelke87 oelke87 [V:1] STEAM_0:0:55992135 3,452 n/a 9
Chunky Choncc Chunky Choncc [V:4] STEAM_0:1:56000986 824 n/a 10
Nikodim Nikodim STEAM_0:1:57876727 1,841 n/a 8
Kurumi Kurumi STEAM_0:0:59849962 1,174 n/a 7
nathasjasejr nathasjasejr STEAM_0:1:70453893 3,471 n/a 1
Aciva Aciva [V:1] STEAM_0:1:71340244 3,159 n/a 5
Alex 👌 Alex 👌 [V:4] STEAM_0:0:83510444 1,061 n/a 13
df45g6h7jyutre df45g6h7jyutre [V:2] STEAM_0:0:84098322 3,159 n/a 4
Lutu Lutu [V:4] STEAM_0:1:85066968 3,040 n/a 8
CherryLovegood CherryLovegood Private STEAM_0:1:85176804 2,144 n/a -
Odin Odin [V:13] STEAM_0:0:93801474 863 n/a 62
kulplant kulplant STEAM_0:1:96601974 2,372 n/a 6
Amadeus Amadeus STEAM_0:0:143368432 1,600 n/a 74
Apo Apo [V:2] STEAM_0:1:170862826 825 n/a 112
H3art H3art [V:8] STEAM_0:0:236910125 1,237 n/a 26
Nowi Nowi [V:1] STEAM_0:0:423278170 975 n/a 6
Shinsaku Shinsaku STEAM_0:0:587076293 737 n/a -

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20 previous friends

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