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Last Login Date: 18/07/2017

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Last online: 2 years ago
Steam member since: 07/02/2010
Member for: 9 years
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NameWhen It Was Changed
6ix11 Jul 2017 9:21pm
[[11 Jul 2017 9:21pm
]]11 Jul 2017 9:21pm
;;7 Jul 2017 10:40am
6 Jul 2017 6:05pm
6 Jul 2017 6:05pm
..6 Jul 2017 6:05pm
Zoofie5 Jul 2017 12:55pm
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    6ix ;; Zoofie
    6ix 6ix 6ix ;; Zoofie Zoofie store Zoofie Zoofie csgopoor.com Zoofie csgobig.com Zoofie Zoofie shower Zoofie кошка Zoofie Zoofie csgobig.com Zoofie Ruka Danger Ruka csgobig.com Ruka ♥Ruka♥ csgobig.com ♥Ruka♥ Ruka.......... Ruka........ Ruka....... Ruka.... boi csgobig.com 011 010 008 05 01 Ghost csgobig.com 010 09 08 06 04 Zoofie csgobig.com Zoofie zoofie sleeping Zoofie csgobig.com Zoofie Zoofie CSGOBIG.COM thelongestpossiblenameyoucanha $h3pPy$h3p$ ShEpPyShEpS Zoofie csgopoor.com Zoofie Zoofie Sleeping Zoofie csgopoor.com Zoofie Zoofie csgopoor.com Zoofie csgobig.com Zoofie Zoofie CSGOPOOR.COM Zoofie Zoofie store Zoofie Zoofie csgobig.com Zoofie sleeping Zoofie csgopoor.com Zoofie csgobig.com Zoofie skinhub.com Zoofie Zoofie csgopoor.com Zoofie csgobig.com Zoofie ߷ Sh3p ߷ Zoofie ߷ Zoofie csgobig.com ߷ Zoofie ߷ nep nep Zoofie Zoofie Work Zoofie Zoofie Work Zoofie csgobig.com Zoofie Eifooz Gnipeels Eifooz Zuthus csgobig.com Zuthus Zuthus nap Zuthus #operationhydra Zuthus Zuthus showering Zuthus [wc]ΔLEX ΔLEX wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Zᴜᴛʜᴜs Zᴜᴛʜᴜs............ Zᴜᴛʜᴜs..... Zuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuth Knot Joski Zuthus Zoofie 🆉🅾🅾🅵🅸🅴 Zoofie Zoof 0x!dizer Xxx_xlr8_xxX Zoof rip 600 Zoof ... Lord Zoofus Lord Zoofus listening to musi Lord Zoofus z Lord Zoofus, the Doofus Lord Zoofus````,,,,8 D Lord Zoofus````,, Lord Zoofus```` MaddoxX Madd0X steemtwerks sudo aptget install life maddoX,,,, Alex Alex Cleaning Room Alex CSGO anyone? Husky Raspberry pi projects Husky 666 Husky```````````` Husky```````` Drayk Drayk,,,, Drayk,, Hasky,,,,, Zoof Zoofie Sleeping Card Idle Zoofie Card Idle Zoofie Zoofie laying down Gay Fennec Radar Ears Level 86 Fennec Not Zoofie Zoofie, the Fennec Zoofie........ ,,##### ,,### ,, Zoofie dnd Ofended Zₒₒfᵢₑ, the ? Zₒₒfᵢₑ, the Fennec Zₒₒfᵢₑ, the Husky Hump Zₒₒfᵢₑ, the Husky Hugg Zₒₒfs butt smells like pin drayk.tar.bz2 DrλyK Drayk sleeping Drayk Werk Drayk Free Coupons! Drayk Eating breakfast, BRB Drayk Giving away coupons! Drayk🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾 Drayk🐾🐾🐾🐾 Matt Damon Fred Fredburger Zoofie Zoofie (Shower) Zoofie store Zoofie - ed off, dnd master of cold pizza ゲイ遅フェネック Zoofie Testing games on Linux Zoofie Outside moving stuff Peanut Butter Fennec Zoofie csgopoor.com Zoofie csgobig.com Eifooz Harder Daddy, Harder! Captain - hammer Zoofie ( store) Zoofie (Heading home) Zoofie work Zₒₒfᵢₑ ( Work) Zₒₒfᵢₑ Zoof Zoofie, the 󠁁 Zoofie (Out and About) Zoofie (Sleeping) Zoofie csgobig.com earn.gg Zoofie ( Store) Zoofie ( Work) Ocean Fen tfw | Zoofie Zoof (laying down) Zoof (dnd) Zoof ( Work) off at 6AM The Zoofinat0r Zoofie (Laying down) Eifooz, the Deer Z 鹿バカ ♌ 鹿 ♌ 鹿 ~💖олень💖~ ~💖Aʟᴇx, Tʜᴇ DᴇᴇR Alex, the Accident Prone Deer S󠁁teamTwerks V󠁁alve is a great company S󠁁t󠁁e󠁁a󠁁m󠁁A󠁁 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Joski FaZe Joski 🐾 Joski 狐狼犬 Joski ♥ Joski [afk] Joski.gg Joski1g Joski 🐾 Joski 🐾 #RIPDust2 Joski 💕 Joski 犬 🐾 Joski 狐犬 Joski 狐 Joski 狐犬 🐾 Joski 狐犬 Joski 🐾 [DND] Joski 🐾 #AGDQ2017 Joski 🐾 #GDQ2017 Joski 🐾 #LetsGoWizzy
    Joski ❆ Nobody Allen Walker ☆ Joski ❆ [DND] Festive Joski ❆ Festive Joski 🐾 Darky Festive Joski ❄ Jolly Joski ❄ MVG | Joski 🐾 Tenzo 🐾 WereTenzo 🐾 Tenzo Firefang Spooky 🐾 Ghost 🐾 DarkLM Potato Nerf Guns are for Pros Obsolete. WereJoski 🐾 Spooky Joski 🐾 CM.Joski 🐾 Joski.gg 🐾 Joski.gg 🐾 #DonacDMX [OBSOLETE] - off. - y Ikea Joski.gg 🐾 #Mwarf Joski.gg 🐾 12 Joski.gg 🐾 [DND] Joski.gg 💕 Joski 🐾 #BDay VexFloof Fido 🐾 Fido 🐾 11 Cynical 🐾 McCree High Noon LanceR 🐾 LanceR Joski 🐾 | csgowild.com Joski 💕 | csgowild.com ... Joski of Paws 🐾 Joski | stratroulette.com Joski | csgowild.com ♥SillyJoey♥ ✪ Joski ✪ Joski2k ✪ Joski | csgowild.com ✘Joski✘ ✪ Joski | failuresunited.com ✪ Joski | suicidalfailures.c Suicidal Deathwishes are fun A Suicidal Failure ✪ Joski2k 💗 Jotaro Kujo Lavi Set [Im Autistic & Salty] Joski 💗 Allen Walker Joski ✪ Joski 🌟 Joski ♌ FiXT.Joski ✪ FiXT.Joski ✪ [DND] w e FiXT.Joski 💗 Kill Me. ✪ FiXT.Joski ^w^ FiXT.Joski ★ Joski. Joski 🐾 #KNIEV Joski Of Paws [K9S] Joski ⚾ Joski ⚾ Joski ♠️ Joski ★ Joski ☢ Joski ♠️♠️♠️♠️ ♠️ Joski Joski ★ [DND] Leave me alone...
    Joski 🎁 [Merry Xmas!] Joski 🎁 Joski 🎁 #NewHeadset ;3 Jolly Joski 🎁 [Merry Xmas!] Jolly Joski 🎁 Festive Joski 🎁 [K9S] Festive Joski 🎁 Light Yagami Darky~ DarkyTheFox~ DarkyTheFox Joski Sakata 🎁 [SA] Joski ValWay 🎁 Joski ValWay 🎁 Festive Joski Joski ValWay Joski ValWay [DND] Joski 💕 ^w^ Joski ValWay 💕 ★ Joski ValWay ★ Joski ValWay 🎃 Spooky Joski 🎃 ★JoJo★ ★JoJo★ [Depressed] Worthless Loser ★JoJo★ [DND] 🎃 JoJo~ 犬 [JoJo~] 犬 [JoJo~] (DND) ツ JoJo~ 🐕 JoJo~ 🎃 JoJo~ 🍬 🎃 JoJo~ 👻 🐺 ★JoJo~★ 🐺 JoJo~ Joski~ 🐺 JoJo~ 🐺 JoJo★~ JoJo~ ★ JoJo~ ♥JoJo★~ JoJo★~ #SpookyStoryMonth JoJo★~ #2spooky4me ★JoJo~★ ★JoJo~ #SpookyStories ★JoJo~ ★JoJo~ #Drunk JoJo★~ [DND] JoJo JoJo★~ ;3 JoJo★~ ; 3 JoJo★~ #BDay! DankyTheFox~ Darky~ #Lovestruck~ ;3 Danky~ DarkyTheIdiot. Darky~ [DND] Joski~ #DankMode Joski~ HoxTheCoward. Coward. Jester~ JesterTheFox~ Jester~ [DND] Twister~ DankyTheWeedFox~ DankyTehFawx~ Darky~ #Speedrun! DarkyTheIdiot... DarkyTheInsaneFox~ Dark. DarkyTheLoser~ I am dead. Darky~ [Recovering] Darky~ [DND Suicidal] ★Darky~★ 🐺 Darky~ ★Darky Joestar★ 🐺 Darky~ # - Hox ; 3 🐺 Darky~ ; 3 🐺Darky~🐺 #Summer! 🐺 Darky~ #Summer! 🐾 Darky~ #Summer! 🐾 Darky~ 🐾 Darky~ #ReallySick 🐾 Darky~ [Sick] 🐾 Darky~ [Depressed] 🐾 Darky~ [DND] 🐾DarkyVulpen~ 🐾DarkyTheFox~ 🐾Darky~ [DNFD] 🐾Darky~ (DND...) 🐾Darky~ #Chroma2 🐾Darky~ [Traumatized] 🐾Darky~ [Depressed] 🐾Darky~ [Melancholy] 🐾Darky~ [DND] 🐾Darky~ [Shunned]
    ♌ DᶏrkLM ♌ DᶏrkLM #XMas Festive DarkLM 105|DarkLM 105 | DarkLM McVantage # - Damien Player 1 ₪DarkLM™₪ ₪DarkLM™₪ #ClearingFrien ₪DarkLM™₪ #SellingMax ₪DarkLM™₪ #MaxNot4Sale ₪DarkLM™₪ #IGotAMax! :D ₪DarkLM™₪ #WatchDogs - SLOT RESERVATION DarkLM #Swerve DarkLM #DasGucci DarkLM #TeamCurlyFries ✪DarkLM✪ ✪DarkLM✪ #Upset «DarkLM» #Scammed «DarkLM» #CashingOut «DarkLM» «DarkLM» S>S.F. Medigun «SoulCrash» «BlizzardLM» «WolfLM»
    DarkLM #SellingLimeBMOC DarkLM #SellingLimeB.M.O.C. DarkLM #SmissmasHype DarkLM #ChristmasHype DarkLM #Christmas :D DarkLM #Selling2ndUnusual DarkLM #SellingUnusual2 DarkLM #SellingUnusual DarkLM #My1stUnusual! DarkLM #My1stUnusual
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    [TSC~(Owner)] Anbu~

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2018-10-14 Public

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Profile Comments

  • 02/Jun/2017
    You are such a moron, you were an - and butthurt and left. no one cares you did.
  • 02/Jun/2017
    [533] Jett
    Cya, steam furries are cancer.
  • 02/Jun/2017
    [533] Jett
    Cya, steam furries are cancer.
  • 02/Jun/2017
    [533] Jett
    You mad I left your discord server because you cant get your - under control
  • 02/Jun/2017
    Stop trying, we are laughing so hard! XD
  • 02/Jun/2017
    Nah dude, youre just a salty retard trying to start - XD
  • 02/Jun/2017
    [533] Jett
    Added me after I left his discord server and tried to grab my IP address out of rage. Ultimately failed and brings it to steamed. Anger control is needed.

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