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Custom URL: axiee

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Country: United Kingdom
Steam member since: 25/05/2010
Member for: 10 years
VAC BannedVAC Banned 2 year(s) ago, Overall bans : 1

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Persona History

NameWhen It Was Changed
jamy4 Jul 3:33pm
Frostii4 Jul 1:36pm
Jamie13 May 2:07pm
Tokyu Jams3 May 12:08pm
Bio要点15 Apr 8:18pm
Fluffy Jamie31 Mar 8:22am
Jamie [20 today]13 Mar 5:11pm
Lucario1 Mar 8:42am
Jaɯie22 Feb 2:03pm
Jamie~!10 Jan 5:47pm
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    jamy Frostii jamy Jamie Tokyu .. J.. Bio.. Fluffy J.. J.. Jamie [20 to.. J.. Luc.. Ja.. J.. Jam..
    J.. 𝒥𝒶𝓂𝒾.. J.. ジェイ.. J.. Solleks, Just Sol.. Jam.. J.. Jam.. J.. Basement.. J.. itsj.. J.. Advice .. J.. Jami.. J.. Jamie [19 To.. J.. John Ma.. J.. I need a b.. J.. Lil.. J.. lv.10 Ca.. lv.1 C..
    J.. J.. J.. Bi.. Bio.. Bio.. A.. (ノ≧ ∀ ≦.. (ノ≧∀≦.. (´・ω.. (ง •̀ ω •́ .. A.. J.. Jamie RIP.. .. Bio.. .. Drunk Ca.. Bio.. Bio.. .. Bio.. Maxine.. J.. Small Jay.. Meanie Jayme.. Ja.. OwO Jay.. knot me.. echoloca.. Ga.. Bio.. Sy.. .. Real Gay H.. Angwy Jay.. Bio.. Knot me d.. Jamie loves Sm.. Prettit Sky.. Bio.. Discount Bio.. Discount.. Discount B.. Discount K.. Discount Bio.. Discount Kwigi.. 心 jam.. jamie.. Discount Bio.. Bio.. ibo ibo.. ; bla.. B.. Bio.. Real Gay H.. Real Gay H.. Bio We.. Bio.. Bio要点 [18 tod.. Bio要点 [18 t.. Bio要点 [bday 2 d.. Dazed Bio.. Bio.. Lil.. Alexa.. f2pshar.. Alexa.. J.. tobi2011 trad.. zombi.. Alexander We.. Alexa.. Bio.. AxieDrago.. Axie.. Alexander We.. Jamie.. .. J.. Si.. Kei Kei.. Bio..
    Scruffy The Fluffy Puppy.. Scruffy the.. .. Bio.. Festive Bio.. Bio.. Bio.. Bio要点 #NetNeutra.. Bio.. Festive Bio.. .. Brit J.. Festive Boi.. S.. Bio.. .. Bio.. Little Bio ~ .. Bio.. Little Bio ~ .. A Furry at a.. AxieT.. Furry T.. F.. Witch .. .. Little Bio ~ .. Bio.. Luc.. .. Fra.. 22k hour ta.. Petit Luc.. Axie is.. pup Baguette Ears.. Undead Bio.. Bio.. ITS HIGH .. Woof Mu.. CZ.. Bio.. Luc.. Lucky .. h.. kms мα.. Axiee.. Bio.. Dea.. Jona.. XM1014 | Z.. NotForg.. Bio.. Bio要点 [i.. J.. Jamie We.. .. J.. Jamie We.. DJ .. Ande.. Axie Otter.. A.. м.. max м.. .. Op.. waattt the fuu.. Jam.. Nick Crom.. Jamie We.. Axiee.. Jamie We.. Jamie Wedlin [kb br.. Fra.. Deadsk.. J.. d.. Axie Otter.. Jamie We.. J.. Sergeant Sha.. Loser S.. .. Xx_Franki.. Fra.. Axie Otter.. hi im an o.. hi im a h.. Axie Otter.. Nickie.. Frankie.. Frankie ❤ S.. F.. Fra.. Axie.. AxieDrago.. Axie Otter.. Cute Otter.. J.. .. A.. .. Axiee.. .. .. .. Axie [I.. How unlucky can I.. Axie [I.. .. Wub .. .. .. .. J.. E.. .. ็.. Niko.. .. .. J.. .. Mey .. .. Szczyciu.. Da.. Nik.. Mayl.. .. J.. .. Axiee.. .. high_hors.. .. d.. i got bed .. M.. Dea.. i cant hear.. J.. Not Gen.. IKI Spierd.. Axie [.. м.. Axiee.. .. Axie (.. Dea.. Axie the D.. Axiee the D.. zeK gnikca.. .. Axie (B.. Axie (1 .. Axie Dragon❤ (1 .. Axie Dragon❤ (2 d.. AxieDragon❤ (2 d.. Axie.. Rile.. Axiee.. CJ .. new to this .. c.. Uzume Tennoub.. .. A.. zzz Soup Store Man.. Big .. Basically .. .. Axiega.. Axi..
    medic_ .. me.. Torie.. Can Store Man.. Toriel.. Sylvi.. Fo.. Axiegar♥ Idlema.. Axiegar♥ .. Tiiimmy Tu.. S.. Solomon‎.. Solo.. Axiega.. Axie | Scr.. Axie | Scr.. AxieB.. AxieBashy | Scr.. Axie💕 | Scr.. Axiegar💕 | Scr.. Axiegar♥ | Scr.. Axie | ScrapTF HIG.. Axie | ScrapTF Bore.. Axie | ScrapTF .. Axie | ScrapTF RI.. Re.. The .. A retarded Engi.. Jamie | Scr.. Jamie | ScrapTF (South.. Axieqt | Scr.. The W.. Axie is worst ScrapTF .. Jamie♥ | Scr.. Jami.. Axie, Sand .. Catman.. Axi.. Soup Store O.. CodeQ.. Patc.. The F.. Gankgar♥ is .. Princess Ce.. Chaser R.. A Wishma.. Deranking my Άĉĉб.. Jamie♥ (A.. Jamie♥ (Birth.. Jamie♥ (Bday Tomor.. Russian deranking Simul.. Ping is Ca.. AutoJoin so i dont get ban.. Jaxie.. Jamie.. Ma.. ღMooniii Ga.. Keegan is w.. Chongmeister | Ja.. Aww sweet mate Ro.. P90CZ.. Axiegar.. Xizt hi im a ni.. .. .. Axiegar♥ High Pin.. ✪ Inzein the immig.. ✪ .. Internet is cancer (A.. Internet is ca.. Expert Pho.. Jake is a cancer bro.. 7.. Axiegar♥ #NoMic,#Cancer.. Throwing 4 Skins Holla.. Axiegar♥ (No .. Dads are better than .. Mum gave me cancer, gg .. Cancer - Internet B.. Go make me a curry t.. Axieeee Lag.. RIP.. Axieeee La.. Axi.. smurfs are for fuck.. I cant think stra.. KappaSpa.. Axieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. Sleme_, Pone Mac.. CodeQ.. Axie .. Axie the Cloud.. Gankga.. bind mouse1 k.. Internet died last round #.. Han Solo shot f.. .. Axiegar♥ Intermittent .. Axiegar♥ the Stuffy H.. Axiegar♥ #Fuck.. Intermittent Sync ca.. Intermittent .. Nyht F.. Nyht Flash shit.. .. never l.. Space h.. Hi im Connor im really .. Pinkie.. Sweeti.. Conno.. Sandy Sh.. Bee.. Connors B.. hi I wanna die happily.. Axie, Seaweed .. Axie, Cloud .. Crimson Ess.. Nightmare Cen.. Dead Horse .. Axie died due to - inte..
    Axie, Queen of.. Axie, Queen of M.. Global la B.. Global la Бля.. Ca.. Cotton F.. .. Axie, Queen of R.. BOT .. JOEY ESSEX ♥♥♥♥♥.. ★ A.. Axie the Seaweed .. Axiee, Seeweed .. Axiee ♥ #ShitInte.. Axieeeee♥ #ShitInte.. Axieeeee (Hurt.. All i do is get physicly a.. Abused by my dad again.. Axieeee♥ #Hacked #.. Axiee♥ #Hacked #.. ★ Axieontaire #Another.. ★ Axieont.. W.. Axiee ♥ #Ha.. Done with life, Good.. RIP Everyone, Bye .. [CSGODICES.COM] Axi.. Axie♥ Sick of l.. Axie.. Bio.. Blue F.. .. Axiee1G.. Axieeeeeeeeeeee.. Axieeeeeeee.. Ax.. Axi.. AxieX #TradeBa.. Axiee ♥ #TradeBa.. Axiee ♥ (Sick.. ϟ Skyxie.. ϟ SkyIsCutest.. ϟ SkyIsCute.. This Game Gave Me Ca.. Axiee #RipInte.. Axiee #RipInter.. Axie the Sand .. Axie the Sand Wh.. ❤♥Axie the Sand Horse.. ❤️♥️Axie the Sand .. Axie the Sand Whorse.. KezIsCute.. Kez is .. GF | Axiee.. Im dead you .. Axiee ♥ #MentallyChalle.. Axiee ♥ #Si.. RUSKI, YES????? (AxieX .. AxieeX.. Axiee.. ; .. Axie Noms S.. The Mexican Gun De.. Axie Likes S.. Cloud9 G2A n0t.. Lmao he got.. Jake get off the PC you.. Sand H.. [CSGODICES.COM] Sand H.. Sand .. A Cobblestone Pac.. Axie the Sushi Ma.. I like .. Sushi Ma.. Sushi the Global S.. Sushi Elite Ma.. Silver Elite Ma.. Axie, Queen of Rawrs.. [CSGODICES.COM] .. [CSGODICES.COM] Axiee.. GeT_.. BGoodAxie.. Axiee ♥ * EchoIsCute.. Axiee ♥ * Echo.. Axiee ♥ * Fluffy.. Axiee O ͜ O * Bios H.. Axiee ♥ * Bios H.. ♥Axie The Hoodie Maste.. Axiee ♥ * Bios House.c.. Axiee ♥ * Bios .. Axie ♥ #MyMotherIsSt.. Axiee ♥ #N.. RipplingF.. D‎A‎N‎K F‎‎‎.. DANK FM 1.. DJ DANK IN THE H.. DJ DANK (Kee.. DVDH XIProNoobss.. DVDH 0T.. Axiee ♥ #RI.. ♥Axie The Somethin.. ♥Ꭺxie The Somethin.. ♥Axie The HoodieMaste.. ☀Axie The Summerbreake.. ♥Axie The Sand Pon.. ♥Axie The Echo™ Pon.. Axiee ⃝ ͜ ⃝ .. Сука Блять * Bios.. ♥Axiee♥ * Bios H.. ♥Axiee The 10fps Game.. 18th 1 week ban in a ro.. Smurfs have Ca.. ♥Axiee The Somethin.. ♥Axie.. ♥Axiee♥ Internet Off .. ♥Axiee♥ Internet Off .. ♥Axie Has CSGO Fl.. ♥Axie is a Travelle.. Chris is a Fat Spastic!!!.. Axiee ♥ #RipNeonR.. [F2P]Axiee ♥ #RipNeonR.. Axiee ♥ #Flip.. Axiee ♥ Hates C.. [F2P]Axiee.. Axiee ♥ #15thOneWee.. AxieeIsGay.. ♥Axie is Frichris ba.. ♥Axie The Sandy Hors.. ;.. ♥Axie The Overwatch BO.. ♥Axia The Drunk BO.. ♥Axiҽ The Overwatch BO.. ♥Axiҽ The Sandy Hors.. ♥ᎪӽᎥҽ The Sandy Ho.. ♥ᎪӽᎥe The Sandy Hor.. ♥ᎪӽᎥᏋ The Sandy H.. ♥Ꭺxie The Sandy Hors.. ♥Axie The Horse♥ #Done.. ♥Axie The Sand Hors.. Fri.. ♥Axie The Sand Horse♥ .. Comrade Axie Axie Axie Axi.. ♥Axie, Queen of Rawr.. ♥Axie The Sunbreake.. ♥Hoodilicious Axi.. ☀ Axie The Summerbreaker.. Axiee .. ❅ Strange Festive Axie.. Axie The Springbreak.. ❅Strange Festive Axi.. Jake Cook Is A Sqwe.. ♥Strange Festive Axi.. ♥Axie The Festive Pon.. ♥Axie The Pu.. ♥Axie The Españo.. ❅Strange Festive Axie.. ♥Axiee The Kitty Ka.. ♥Axie The Kitty Ka.. ♥Axie The Sand Horse♥ .. ♥Axie The Silly Sand Hor.. Axie, Master of Snug.. ♥Axie♥, The Master of .. ♥Sandlicious Axi.. ♥Axielicious Axi.. ♥Agonizing Sandy Space A.. ♥Agonizing Space Axie.. ♥Firewall.. ♥Sandilicious Axi.. Rising Sta.. ♥Axie, The Oreo Destroye.. ♥Rawrlicious Axi.. Fountai.. ♥Cuddlicious Axi.. ♥Axie♥ Power off at .. ♥Cuddilicious Axi.. TWIGSTER:WWWWW.. ♥Axieliciou.. ♥Axielicious Bday Today!.. Axielicious♥(Bday Tomor.. BRB |Axielicious♥(Bday T.. Axielicious♥(Bday Tomorr.. ♥Axielicious♥(Bday Tom.. ♥Axielicious♥(6 d.. ♥Axielicious♥(Uncased .. ♥Rawrilicious Axie.. ♥Rawrilicious Axieee.. Fʟᴜɪᴅ‏‎‎‏.. Axie and Fʟᴜ.. Juxtapositioning .. ♥Queen Axie, The 2n.. ♥*Yawn*ilicious Axi.. ♥Snuggly Warm Axi.. Fae killed Faeris with pda.. Fae superla.. ♥Snuggly Festive(?) Axi.. ♥Sandy Axie♥#Uncrated2.. ♥Legendary Sandy Axi.. ♥Legendary Awoken Axi.. marcussm.. ♥Legendary Shady Axi.. ♥Legendary Relaxed Axie.. 💚Legendary Relaxed Axie.. ♥Legendary Relaxed Axi.. ♥Legendary Seductive Axi.. ♥Legendary Cuddly Axi.. ♥Legendary Axieliciou.. ♥Legendary Huggable Axi.. ♥Epic Sandy Axi.. ♥Rawrilicious Axi.. [Admin] [Reg.] s.. s.. ♥Axie The Fluffy Mar.. ♥Axie The Morning Mar.. ♥Mewylicious Sandy Axi.. ♥Legendary Festive Axi.. Fa..
    Kitty .. Deceiver.. Loops.. Grey Vand.. ♥Fa.. .. ♥Cuddlicious Festive Axi.. Ƒae.. Legendary Festive Axi.. Strange Festive Axi.. A Rather Festive Axi.. [MC] PAYDAY 2.. ♥Axielicious Spo.. ♥Mewilicious Faexi.. ♥Rawrilicious Faexi.. ♥Rawrilicious Cuddly Axi.. ♥Rawrilicious Axie♥#8k.. ♥Rawrilicious Axie♥ #8.. ♥Hoodilicious Axie♥ #8.. ‏.. ♥Rawrilicious 𐌀xi.. ♥𐌲awrilicious 𐌀xi.. Axie The MeEhe.. Axie The Sandy Ma.. Axie The K.. BlackDawn The .. AgonizingSpaceA.. Axie The Oreo Destroy.. ♥Rawrilicious BlackDaw.. ♥Rawrilicious Axie♥ *S.. STOUT SHAKO FOR 2 REF.. ♥Zombilicious Axi.. ♥Zombilicious A̛x̷i̧.. ๖Zombilicious A̛x̷.. Zombilicious A̛x̷i.. Zombilicious Ax̸i.. ♥Zombilicious A̶x̷i̷e.. ♥Zombilicious Á͞x̢i.. ♥Zombilicious A̢͟͏xi.. ✮♥Catilicious Axie.. ✮♥Hoodilicious Axie.. ✮♥Hoodilicious Rawr.. ✮♡Hoodilicious Axie.. ♡Hoodilicious Axi.. Hoodilicious Axi.. Axie The Rawrawraw.. Hoodlicious Axi.. PinkieP♥.. Firebal.. Coco Po.. Axie The Morning Mar.. Axie The Mafia Mar.. Axie The Shady Mar.. Hoodlicious Axie♥ (ForTh.. Axie The Sandy Mar.. AgonizingSpaceAxi.. Axie The Hoodiliciou.. Βig.. Ϝa.. Axie The Me.. Axie The Pixe.. ᗅxie The Hoodiliciou.. Hoodilicious Axi.. Hoodilicious Axie :3 B>.. Axie The Adowable Ball.. Sgt. W1ggl.. AgonizingSpace.. AgonizingSpaceAxie #.. NerdA.. Hoodilicious .. Hoodilicious Axie #1Mi.. Hoodlicious .. Axie .. Axie The Shady M.. Axie The .. Axie The Vinhll Fi.. Axie The MEEEDI.. Axielici.. Axie The Unthinkable &g.. Axie The.. Hoodilicious A.. Hoodilicious Axie~ B> T.. [Admin][Reg.]Hoodilicious .. [Reg.][Reg.]Hoodilicious A.. [Reg.][Reg.Hoodilicious A.. [DK] Hoodilicious A.. Axie The Zawmp.. Axie The Devious Nurse &g.. Axie The Shady Mare~ ♥Sa.. Axie The Oreo Destr.. Axie The Rawraw.. .. Axie The H00Die Mast.. Axie the Ma.. Young A.. DFli.. Grax.. Axiyerz (New.. Axiyerz (New PC) (.. SmallGunned .. SmallGunned Axie B>Mang.. Axie The Ko.. Ko.. Axielicious the rawrawraw.. Axielicious the .. Axielicious The Unthink.. Axie The .. Axie B> Spec Weps.. uberhaxorax.. Axie The Rawralicious Mare.. Axielicious B> Spec Wep.. Axl.. Axi.. Axielic.. Axielicious~! (Bday Tomor.. Axielicious~! (March 14 B.. Axielicious~! (Sch.. Axie The Cute Ball(BDay So.. Axie The Adorable .. Axie The Adorable Ball (As.. Axie The Adorable Footbal.. Axie The Adorable Ball(sic.. Fl.. Axie The Adowable B.. The Mare Herse.. Axie The Ball Is Sickish.. Axie(Sick As - ;~~~.. Axie(Sick As - .. Axie The Adowable Ball(Sic..
    CC|G&A|AxieThe.. G&A|CC|AxieThe.. G&A|AxieThe.. CC|CalexTheMe.. CC|AxieThe.. CC|CaxieTheMe.. CC|BrettCalvinJ.. CC|Axie<3s.. CaxieTheMe.. AxieTheCatDrownedInSo.. AxieThe.. AxieTheMeowSc.. AxieTheMe.. AxieTheMeow:cSch.. AxieTheMeow:cAsl.. AxieTheMeo.. AxieTheMa.. BigEyedDaxie#Depress.. BigEyedNakaD.. BigEyedIzaa.. Izaakhasa.. BigNakaEyedDaxi.. BigEyedDaxi.. ACuteLittleAxi.. SmallGunne.. SmallGunnedDaxnokeyb.. SmallGunnedDaxwatchingm.. [REDACTED]E,A,Dkeysb.. [REDAC.. Bloodystolebroskeyboa.. BloodysKeyboar.. p[;i]kp[;i].. BloodysPCbroke,onbr.. (MCT)BillyMaxieWa.. (MCT)AxieWa.. (MCT)BigEyed.. (MCT)AxieTheDiamondPo.. CC|(MCT)DaringD.. CC|(MCT)AxieThePon.. (MCT)TheBloodyHoov.. [.. (MCT)TheBloodyHooves&g.. 10ANDU.. CC|DaringDaxi.. BigEyedAxi.. DaringDaxi.. CC|Axiet.. CC|AxietheOreoDestroyer&g.. AxietheOreoDestroyer&g.. ˙ ㅤ.. CC|DetectiveAxie#ProudTo.. CC|Detective.. CC|AxieS>Tboic.. CC|DetectiveAxieS>tboic.. CC|AxieS>Tboi.. CC|DetectiveAlyxS>keyf.. CC|DetectiveAlyxS>.. CC|SmallGunnedAxieS>T.. CC|SmallGunned.. CC|Smal.. AxiePCFU.. SmallGunned..
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    Axie The Babby Fill..

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