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Country: Australia
Steam member since: 25/07/2010
Member for: 10 years

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Persona History

NameWhen It Was Changed
Rise28 Apr 1:26pm
cortex.Rise3 Apr 2:49am
Lowkey endgame26 Mar 8:31pm
sad cunt.21 Mar 4:02am
Alcoholic Scuffed cunt12 Mar 4:17am
Scuffed cunt9 Mar 1:48am
(In memory of green) :pray:8 Mar 3:32am
Ri_Aus.22 May 2019 12:10am
BISCUIT21 May 2019 10:26pm
Ri_Aus21 May 2019 9:50am
245 Name changes stored for this account
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Previous Persona Names

Some persona's have been cut short to prevent crawlers
    Rise cortex.Rise Lowkey endgame sad cunt. Alcoholic Scuffed .. Scuffed .. (In memory of green) :p..
    Ri_.. BIS.. Ri.. BIsCUT THE DisABled.. Ri_..
    Ri_Aus (Endg.. Ri_Aus (Formally Endg.. EndGam.. EndG.. EndGame. Rest easy .. EndG.. EndGam.. EndG.. EndGame. Road T.. EndGame. #SoloQueisfuc.. EndG.. EndGame. .. EndGame. #Goodbye MG .. EndG.. EndGam.. EndG.. EndGame.VgoRoulette.. EndG.. [EWOK] EndG.. EndG.. EndGame.csgoempire.. EndGame.#RIP NOVA 4 - .. EndGame E.. EndGame .. EndG.. EndGame .. EndGame Espo.. EndGame. #RoadTo.. End.. EndGame.gamdom.. Y.. 420 B L A Z E I.. PlayingForest White man i.. EndGame. .. EndG.. EndGame. #OnBr.. EndGame.gamdom.. EndGame. #BreakGoing.. EndG.. EndGame.gamdom.. EndG.. EndGame.Gamdom.. EndG.. EndGame.gamdom.. EndGame. Gamdom.. EndGame. #This is my life .. EndGame.csgo.. EndGame. hellcase.. EndGame. #Backtorustforaw.. EndGame.hellcase.. EndGame.csgoroll.. EndGame... EndG.. EndGame.hellcase.. EndGame... EndG.. EndGame.csgotower.. EndGame. hellcase.. EndGame. rustmoney.. EndGame.csgoempire.. EndGame... EndGame.csgoroll.. EndGame.csgofast.. EndG.. EndGame.csgofast.. EndGame.Rustmoney.. EndGame.csgoroll.. EndGame.csgobig.. EndGame.csgoempire.. EndGame. #Csgo .. EndGame. #Missing EWO.. EndG.. EndGame ツ. #Not B.. EndGame ツ. #LifeWithoutR.. EndGame ツ.rustmoney.. EndGame .. EndGame ツ. #Life is a m.. EndGame ツ. csgoroll.. EndGame ツ. Rustmoney.. EndGame ツ. #Back for the..
    EndG.. EndGame. #Rus.. nR.EndG.. nR.EndGame #StarCitizen 2.. nR.End.. nR.EndGame #DoneWith.. nR.EndGame .. nR.EndG.. nR.EndG.. nR.EndGame# Life is a mem.. nR.EndGame.#Rustmoneyisasc.. nR.EndGame.#FuckRustmoney.. nR.EndG.. nR.EndGame #B.. nR.EndGame RustMoney.. nR.End.. nR.EndGame #On Br.. nR.End.. nR.EndGame.. sR.EndGame.. End.. .. End.. Fable ツ ,.. [FTA] EndGame #OnHoli.. [FTA] End.. [FTA] EndGame.#EveOnline.. [FTA] EndG.. End.. [EWOK] End.. [EWOK] EndGame #TheWargo.. [EWOK] EndGame #BringBa.. [EWOK] EndGame #Rustis.. [EWOK] EndGame.. [EWOK] End.. [EWOK] EndGame ChekyBrekys.. [EWOK] EndGame #Were B.. [EWOK] EndGame ツ Filthy .. [EWOK] EndGame.. [EWOK] EndGame #Break time.. [EWOK] EndGameTaking a br.. [EWOK] EndGame #LATERZ.. EndG.. EndG.. End.. [EWOK] End.. [EWOK] Endgame #sofuckeing.. [EWOK]Endgame #Whatever it.. [EWOK] Endgame.. [EWOK] End.. [EWOK] Endgame.. [EWOK] Endg.. [EWOK] Endgame. #La.. [EWOK] Fors.. [EWOK] Forsaken.. [EWOK] Forsake.. [EWOK] Forsak.. [EWOK] End.. [EWOK] EndGame #E.. [EWOK] End.. [EWOK] Parado.. Parado.. Zeul Razboi.. ........ [EWOK] EndGame.. [EWOK] End.. [EWOK] EndGame.. EndGame.. End.. cR.End.. cR.EndGameBus.. cR.EndGame.. EndGame so alon.. EndGame.. End.. [EWOK] End.. [EWOK] EndGameLaterZ r.. [EWOK] EndGame got no on.. EndGam.. EndGame#wasted13hoursi.. EndGame brb 5 h.. EndGame#getting4hoursofs.. EndGame#wastingmy.. EndGaM..
    Ace.nB #New Ye.. Ace.nB #LowPO.. Ac.. EndGame.nB #Zergs .. EndGame.nB #killing my.. EndGame.nB #Bp .. EndGame.nB #10 wood and a .. EndGame.nB #Be back when i.. EndGame.nB #need sleep .. EndGame.nB #tired as .. EndG.. [ApX] EndG.. EndG #WillReturnwhenrustis.. EndGame #QuttingRustUnti.. EndGame #Rustis.. [ApX] EndGame #Rustis.. [ApX] Endgame #BRINGBAC.. [ApX] End.. Endgame #KeepHorseyBa.. ApX.End.. EndGame.. EndGame (Be Back in a Mo.. EndGame (Be Back In 2 Mon.. EndGame and proud o.. ⚒ The watcher.. The wat.. fat k.. The Watcher.. fag.. EndGame | T.. EndGame | .. EndGame... [BSB] End.. [BSB] SuckA.. SuckA.. [BSB] End.. [BSB] The Outs.. [BSB] Dark.. [BSB] PvP.. [B.S.B] End.. [FBGM] EndGame no m.. EndGame no m.. EndGame .talk - get.. [FTA.t] EndGame no m.. [TNO] EndGame no m.. [B.S.B]Head.. [B.S.B]End.. Re.. Being Evi.. [A1] End.. [K4] End.. [Ob1] End.. Ob1 End..
    [BDB] End.. [E.N.D]Forgive But Never F.. Forgive But Never Fo.. [CASTLE] .. [DTM] .. [FWR] .. [OG] .. [DTM] Demonic Chip.. T.. Demonic Chip.. The Demonic Chip.. the .. C4 .. ..
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