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Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:42415003

Steam3: [U:1:84830007]

Community ID: 76561198045095735

Custom URL: prokreedz

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Last online: 3 hours ago
Country: Russian Federation
Steam member since: 10/07/2011
Member for: 8 years
VAC BannedVAC Banned 4 year(s) ago, Overall bans : 1
Profile updated: 3,747 times on SteamID

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Persona History

NameWhen It Was Changed
соня20 Aug 9:04am
suicidal but my ego prevents me20 Aug 8:15am
koz13 Aug 11:53am
sonja12 Aug 3:38am
охуенная13 Jul 1:37pm
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    соня suicidal but my ego prevents m соня koz sonja koz охуенная silentrage silent lover seethrough koz DEATHISAWESOME sonja sonjka sonja
    охуенная sonja suicidal but my ego prevents m koz koz silent_rage koz silentrage koz 󠀡󠀡 󠀡󠀡 󠀡󠀡 󠀡󠀡 󠀡󠀡 󠀡󠀡 󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡 󠀡󠀡󠀡 koz silentrage охуенн.. silent.. koz silent.. koz silent.. koz silent.. koz охуенн.. silent.. silant.. охуенн.. охуенная 󠀡.. 󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡 󠀡.. 󠀡󠀡󠀡.. 󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡.. AlwaysMo.. silent.. охуенн.. silent.. silent_.. silent.. silent_.. silent.. охуенн.. koz silent.. silent_.. silent.. Egart N..
    natural .. natural ta.. silent.. охуенн.. stopyour.. russian ennui knows no bo.. Christmas in 2k16.. .. Sicke.. im alive unfortuna.. silent.. 5pt... silent_.. silent.. охуенн.. silent.. when u try your .. silent.. охуенн.. silent.. silentmaster.. silent.. охуенн.. silent.. koz silent.. omnidirectional s.. silent.. egartn.. silent.. охуенн.. silent.. egartn.. Budget Nerd.. NerdRage.. NerdRage.. Silent.. when u try your .. silent.. охуенн.. охуительн.. охуенн.. silent.. NeverL.. silent.. silentw0.. silent.. sG silent.. silent.. egartn.. silent.. egartn.. effort.. silent.. Egart N.. everything.s.. Egart N.. silent.. EgartN.. silent.. slashs.. silent.. EgartN.. silent.. EgartN.. silent.. indane mo.. egartn.. silent.. Egart N.. EgartN.. silent.. pkl you sick .. sG silent.. silent.. silent.. refo.. silent.. En.. silent.. ye EgartN.. silent.. ye Egart N.. egartn.. Egart N.. hope i give u ca.. send me LB cards .. Egart N.. 󠀡 󠀡 󠀡 󠀡 󠀡 .. 󠀡 󠀡 󠀡 󠀡 .. 󠀡 󠀡 󠀡 .. Egart N.. . . yung d.. Egart N.. silent.. Egart N.. understand.. silent.. Sexy | silent.. silent.. F.. ุ ุ ุ ุ ุ ุ .. ุ ุ ุ ุ ุ ุ.. ุ ุ ุ.. ; bla.. Git.. se.. silent.. Tall .. silent.. silent.. silent.. Wraith you sick .. Chance of Win.. Silent.. silent.. охуенн.. silent.. yes silent.. angryt.. silent.. The answer is in the r.. inv ur.. responsibility t.. Sicke.. silent.. Probably lagging.. Sorlag you sick .. Silent.. did u s.. Sign my cross.. silent.. aaa Egart N.. Silent.. Leon.. IamT.. GameisT.. somet.. silent.. PARTYBRE.. Sil.. partybre.. silent .. rekt by .. silent.. shameless neander.. awp is.. LUL neverl.. funny .. silent.. get_p.. my life as a russian r.. most silent .. silent.. Silver E.. the only si.. Egart N.. silent.. silent.. koz Never L.. Silentr.. Silent.. Egart N.. silent.. BSV | silent.. sE^ silent.. sE silent.. PM for lawbreakers.. assassin is a dumb b.. BLYATNA.. silent.. silent .. Sla.. its.. i want to.. Sla.. its.. russian ennui knows no bo.. silent.. Weaponized Au.. koz silent.. wheres the nearest c.. silent.. .. giving quake beta .. silent .. .. koztheg.. Untalented ig.. Inconspicuous ig.. silent.. rilent.. koz koz читерить в l4d2 .. koz k0z refo.. 7 years in l4d2 still n.. silent.. Egart N.. i giv.. sG silent.. Successful man.. on d.. not on d.. The Element of Surp.. women arent f.. Your average ignorant rus.. Dodg.. aaaaaaaaaaa.. vodka airstr.. vodka la.. Sign My Cross.. egartn.. VeryTrackD.. alwaysbesttac.. its.. hope i give u ca.. funny .. Unfortu.. straightja.. ))0 *OCB*.. TH.. no aimbot just seiz.. i hope u enjoy .. mo.. fuc.. i regret videog.. l.. human li.. Hell.. |911|Jw.. si.. sr Modern.. responsibility t.. sisemeN ehT y.. Nemmy The Nem.. |911|Wi.. охуенн.. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀.. ⠀⠀⠀⠀.. ⠀⠀⠀.. why so dolboeb b.. *OCB* silent.. dankeu.. message me if ur immig.. silent .. alwaysthrowtac.. russian ennui knows no bo.. тос.. cool.. sGsilent.. koz huy koz koz sui disguised peru.. koz_..
    ABSOLUTELY NO C.. .. aids.. . . unwa.. koz #.. bye ki.. 5pt.silent.. kib  .. žŽŸžŽŸžŽŸ.. 5pt.. Life time mis..  žŽŸžŽ..  žŽ.. žŽŸžŽŸžŽ.. die i.. sob kz  žŽŸžŽŸžŽŸ.. 100% RNG j.. what.. i love a good cr.. Mi..  žŽŸžŽŸžŽ.. russian m.. i am ru.. žŽ.. 5pt. .. real person.. real pe.. im back at low.. iused2be.. call me silent .. fai.. thanks for not.. Communism is supe.. girl but.. 5pt.silent .. 13 yr old internet opin.. 5pt. call me silent .. животн.. shoutout to my - .. drugl.. 1st time pla.. brain in wheelc.. brain in a wheelc.. .. Probably lagging.. My dankest .. ProKr.. My darkest .. fml 1st time playin.. ... sv_ca.. unban me i was intoxic.. .. please seek .. americans duh *s.. bye and blo.. bye and.. JU.. Last clean pl.. hacking .. lastcleanpl.. ube.. playm.. justletmeplaythe.. only l4d2 players ban pro .. best_smurf_.. fuckfuck.. call me v.. Yellow Rubber .. d.. žŽŸžŽŸ žŽŸ.. žŽŸžŽŸ žŽ.. žŽŸ žŽŸžŽŸ.. žŽŸ žŽŸžŽ..  žŽŸ žŽŸžŽ.. 123.. ube.. uberlag.. number 1 t.. лол м.. dont ms.. hope i give you ca.. si.. kz3134012164 #.. 12.. rly filthy south ameri.. 8) 88888.. cr.. im ret.. why so dolbaeb b.. dol.. hypoc..  žŽŸžŽ.. žŽŸžŽŸ žŽ.. žŽŸžŽ.. vvv i hope you enjoy ..  žŽŸ žŽŸ ž..  žŽŸ žŽŸ ž..  žŽŸ žŽŸ žŽ.. vv apathy is my soul.. 1st time playing .. Slende.. козху.. jo.. the useless hoec.. a .. Vac collecting is .. anime is for dera.. Anime is d.. trash fri.. edgy .. fucking degene.. I hate all and everyt.. ( ͡° ͜ʖ .. underr.. Koz The .. fuck my .. ramir.. so satisf.. i die without d.. will eat booty for overw.. Ill do koz things for over.. .. LZHFFFFFFFFFF.. DouYouTv01934.. 888888888.. 11111111111111.. STOPOVERW.. cry VAC C.. asdsds.. l4d2 has to.. GRma : u look like u do .. phoenix ;3.. Ph.. feather isnt mi.. feather mi.. its been a year please ad.. fucking kil.. I love you pho.. phoenix.. phoenix is my.. T.. Tycho ps.. hey T.. crying while off.. .. koz.. Slash.. vagina is the way to my h.. forever is forever value.. meth .. Sla.. Sexy.. roasted by poo.. this is my last game of .. ko.. ˜”*°•.˜”*°•ќ.. kozisd.. a.. .. wtf am i even d.. koz #30T hype welcome to .. koz # 30T .. ᵐʸ ᵈᶦᶜᵏ ᶦˢ .. [Cl!t] Slash.. L4D2 made me.. kind of sad and kind of h.. The deadest pace imagin.. [Cl!t].. iloved..  dust.. what is .. kil.. dus.. koz #seek team for.. k.. ♥D.. koz #seek BR .. no fri.. N0n`.. N0n.. DEATH TO THE W.. ^^ A.. :( одино.. kys cu.. YOU - SUCCKCKCKCKCKC.. Uneducated.. koz ;3 d.. ko.. koz.. u cant have dusty.. stfu par.. goober.. Yo.. Yo.. Shinita.. mrs Fr.. youwi.. 死にた.. aaaaaa.. гн.. QqfFieD.. Luckyloc.. ;3 D.. Tout petit moi.. fuck.. top..  žŽŸ žŽ.. žŽ.. bbdk... romanian ennui knows no bo.. Dustys.. ⎛⎝koz.. .. ᴜ.ɴ.. u.n.. April .. n.. e.. gazo.. m.. gekk.. fu.. k0z1.. bitches like to cop.. cyn... bbdk.. bros over .. they got dusty? HGNNGGGGNG.. .. koz.. my moral barom.. НАП.. Ебаная паб тим.. xdd.. XDDD.. XD dust.. :) [ᴜɴɪᴛᴇᴅ.ɴᴀᴛ.. ♥ D.. dying .. not a .. my 7th dead.. 1% ef..
    the socalled fail of the .. koz (.. Chrome .. brb reinstalling win.. .. not vacced.. script.. i regret everyt.. whats a .. Im a lazy skill digger, .. Project.. j.. haha dumb americans *.. ) )žŽ.. u s e l e s s k.. thee.. fuck you and France.. :) re.. What did you save for.. к.. .. how you d.. Neoph`.. death is closer than .. looks like the time is .. Vi.. nothing is .. неваляш.. e.. rip l.. 레드벨벳.. buy me trine.. j.. tank.. .. Fuckboy.. rekt boy.. kill me.. б.. ..... IM.. .. NGJ a s.. cl_sidespeed.. .. twitch.tvkoz_.. ;3 j.. rCaKTPn.. asd Zfe6rtN.. k.. easy come eas.. Caryman.. druggie ba.. охуевш.. +jump;wait;jump;wait;.. KLY83l8.. Caryman joined cybergirlsg.. Sober and irrele.. w str.. stopur.. jagua.. jagu.. .. pyw cr.. F.. koz .. h.. top strafef.. i ♥ rage s.. RISING STAR FROM REBEL.. why so dolboeb bli.. Ке.. why .. vodka cha.. Koz.. N.. забаненый хуе.. k.. пидор бля.. k.. stop spec drops my.. dawaj pyram.. HIGH SENSI AND D.. so d.. fa.. E.. nahooy b.. VODKA.. KOREA SUPER PL.. 000)))))).. sdadfsfassd.. ez m.. ?žŽ..  žŽŸžŽŸ ž..  žŽ.. g gggg.. why so dolboeb bl.. rekt by.. sucks to be..  žŽŸ žŽ.. sad to be.. XDDDDD.. .rip .. _ I lost everything.. ℳy ℓiƒℯ...ℳy ℛu.. Feit: я люблю хуй.. SkeetPlease.. asshollyon` .. .. TROL.. people actually think vac .. dumb ameri.. no d.. esta new vacba.. estas vacced.. »(KZ) EPMEK™ [VI.. bad troll bad pl.. :c D es.. Ց.. ignored by.. get.. :sumvodkaforbestsingerj.. долбо.. cRaZy_k1LL3R_[PRO98RU$].. gg »(KZ) EPMEK™ [.. Dima [PR0urPoK99.. ?? es.. .. dolbaeb .. dol.. f͛͌͂ͤ̏̑̈ͩ̀̀̌̇.. f̛ͤ̉̉ͯ͊̊̾̆̂̚͘.. ͕̜̞͆̈́̍͛ͬ̕͟͜͠͞.. ô̷̈́̊ͩ̀ͣ҉̨̜̘ͅ.. ̰̦̞̭̤͈͈ͅW͓͙͔͉.. n̆̍͊̉̐͗̔ͥ̏͂̐̍.. f̶̭̩̔̅̌ͤͭ͑͋͟ ̄.. ǫ̤̻͗͊̎͆̓ͯͥ͒͡.. underrated unlucky pl.. k kžŽ.. oh wow that was .. fwer.. 404 .. sacking is.. Fiat P.. death from sleep depriva.. kozBi.. horoshij ar.. Yourfu.. .. russ.. 米罗`s ;3 ;3 ;3 ;.. 60 TICK FOR .. my first .. :D :sumvodkaforjerumyni.. wypierd.. supra on tumblr ah.. thx LOOOOOOOOOOL .. w sum1 is getting a.. .. WTFFFFF??????????????.. ban.. #_ koj l4d1 scum l4d2 .. k.. C0MP1E7LY.. .. koz #.. Лоуп.. de.. dont worry .. HAAHAHA.. .. do u guys receive em.. THEYRE BAC.. meme.. koz™.. ★ThugLif.. impulsive. ★ThugLif.. dustinand.. A.. Mr.De.. Mr. De.. try harder .. au.. Haha americans duh xD *s.. k.. Jeru is my best fr.. $$$keshaga.. dont feel like tr.. l4d2 + l4d1 .. WATCH ME new mouse still .. Rip griefing poetr.. ok russian .. .... lonely .. Cute like you .. https: www.{LINK REMO.. Cute like you :3.. russian g.. OLOLMA.. excuse my .. osu for .. someone play l4d1 w.. Got drunk and found a fuck.. hahahahH.. Troll me.. troll me.. wow its all about m.. nice bracket .. koz.. awful female voice ba.. Хуита, автор ч.. Dante`s eblan kupi .. ew So.. , koz.. .. ko.. : lif.. i want to.. supra ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;.. supr.. :(((((((((.. Xaer.. easy e.. Wrug.. Кэрим.. who wants emoticons b.. .......... STOP DEADSIL.. 20ms is too .. team deadstop .. team cursed .. eat .. MOcTVRk.. still better with a m.. Merm.. :(((((.. Сарум.. koz .. see you in Mo.. II9ZknH.. ad.. lel g.. ya.. cringe wo.. XDD.. XD.. fuck my life.. k.. team na.. NrJ.. ★spec m.. spe.. M#.. wannabe cuntwhore, s.. balk.. bhop script.. Learn the .. ni.. raving.. ;3 s.. the popular.. 1.4.. $$$FEI.. emo solida.. abandoned in the death .. ;(((º ;º)).. mrs s.. ...... american skill in da buil.. ᵴᵾᵱ.. I broke my .. yeahyeahyea.. 0.. your average smg pl.. yeahyeahye.. ★SacLif.. we like you when youre awk.. cause of death: .. NrJ.G.. NjR.G.. s.. .. su.. Keeping you .. emotional.. i need to fail completel.. you r everything & i a.. i need to fail comple.. The saddest lands.. just a show.. I am pl.. koz 1.2 inches.. koz #1.2 inches.. i - suck .. sui.. 0000.. STOP .. bhop with s.. no kill ******* attack ta.. ping d.. Offline cos scared of.. i will fucking.. iwill fucking.. INTERNAL BLEEDING #FAI.. Dried up, tied and .. The bitter.. COLD HEART CORRUPTED.. i give free emoti.. Attention pl.. gone on a .. 1v1 last .. lvl 100 wh.. hi .. s.. y am i so - and lose to.. go for it just d.. N1nT3nDo: IM NOT H.. yeah yeah .. peopl.. .. emo deep t.. c11m3_gar.. deadguy.. franzouz.. Curr.. .. Riddled with f.. Car.. коз .. cool .. ba.. Caryman.. koz_.. KOZ ;3 NAT.. :[ koz sue of .. koz.. .. Cary.. koz.. I hate all and ever.. praise the bho.. good job by team - .. 121 ping :).. 121 ping.. this W .. Wrugb.. K.. .. :~) koz #aimware.. Л.. op h3h3.. black impulsive.. gore.. asdsdf.. Sku.. its automatr.. lowlife bo.. ... Caryman was intoxicated to.. i like my friends .. RECRUIT ME FOR 2VL.. i am veres i pay for 2v2 .. lef.. ... .. i like the jokes.. nice jokes balkon:).. расписали пок.. k.. fear my friends.. .. que 888888888888888888.. 2k15 newco.. server makes me cr.. pls donate for new hea.. emo viol.. throw my body in the .. Ig.. rit.. ;3 shh, no skeets, onl.. 1v1 accu.. best aimer in the game &am.. best aimer in the .. k.. ste4m is real .. ***** is real .. only ste4m is .. Wru.. the bloodiest mess in the .. rip headset gg.. someones above ave.. you are nothing less than .. Corpus Tri.. unban me i was intoxicate.. 1110.. koza.. dead in the w.. See You N.. im sorry for my exist.. young thug no .. young thug with nice.. nice.. high sens and str.. find glory in dying of ca.. young .. i am j.. damn son i am j.. kozkara & kozl.. trading dogecoins for osu!.. you guys are my .. fresh biggest mistake of .. srsly .. cat4.. șųƥ.. i pay for.. Airmaster is my best fr.. mental preprogram.. what am i doing at.. what am i doing with my .. nine minutes of nonfic.. add me or .. froz.. Im a lazy temple girl, .. im the temple girl il.. Wild .. ♥^✿^♥ koz ♥^✿.. рты ваши ебала.. oh no it got le.. air master is my best fr.. were all - .. im sad for you.. 88888888888888)))))).. what happened in .. :)))))))))))))).. i hope u enjoy.. i hope you enjoy.. koz bad mous.. Makuna Ha.. T.. Makuna Hu.. you know those hun.. ☻.. STOPDEAT.. 8;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;.. N1nTenDo : i pool one f.. 8;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;.. .. whore ch.. Vex.. nearly c.. almost c.. the little s.. go on mortals take some he.. koz #aimware... give me the link of real .. 2v2 is .. friendly .. &.. miro @aimware.. Im a lazy poochie twat, su.. pubbing from time to .. 8888888888800000)).. hahah.. eat my dust you insensitiv.. p.. NO ITS STILL A.. drunk driving w.. STOPF.. .. mixing forever.. MeroM.. hello Mero.. mistakes were made hm mb ?.. unban me pls i was intoxic.. you mad me.. im sketchy .. tank do pi.. кяιs: stfu - girl go.. delete deathrow pl.. die.. use medkit .. pub show by .. dont question my .. watch feit get d.. v.. where is san.. ... such FL clea.. delete me .. the real rr.. HURR I NEED TO RE.. the powerful v.. fuck vac ban im still hac.. dont question m.. di.. almost .. koz .. where did those m2s come f.. DA.. PR.. PleaseStopWithH.. ss300 + strafe stabil.. strafe stabil.. s.. ESTA.. su.. the low end of .. gj.. Jnr fan.. ballerina .. big miro.. R U A LITTLE BIT RETARDED .. то густо то пу.. dizzy in the .. nice crow.. feit hunte.. oh.. feit hu.. and everyone k.. i rly have is.. its really shit.. stacee .. the - sp.. Soul lags carry an entire .. ready for cat fi.. cyka .. cyka .. emcii 1 n.. Antid.. who needs stra.. suicide aga.. still terribl.. lif.. nolife.. pretty much of .. i .. im more stupid then you t.. annoying b.. miro whatever that mean.. Sandi.. stop sha.. add me.. low + .. h.. .. ty for the.. bhop.. pir 50 shades of A.. pi.. Sk.. free win .. rip.. sandy.. hello 2v2 some l.. hello 2v2 some lev.. nice long .. gandon gandon gandon ga.. beautiful name for ga.. Ga..
    2v2 some lev.. i wan to be dead with my f.. .. .. kettu.. Disciple of god of war san.. K.. kozax.. nice .. 2v.. mero super agres.. mr d.. .. .. toy.. who is my christmas pre.. two dead s.. abandone.. KOZZZZZZZZZZ.. m.. м²в.. KOZZZ.. hope u .. nice job by team - n.. mami .. V.. ­­­­ ­ ­­ ­­­­ .. ­­­­ ­ ­.. how to lose it.. koz#seek.. koz #seek.. nice .. ba.. nice cheat .. n1 .. Vex Vex.. nosound.. Con.. trolled aga.. gettrolled.. Left 4 Da.. usatei... .. Gan.. Kozu.. koza.. ­­­­­­ ­­ ­­.. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­.. ­­­.. 300 fps > l4d2 too .. us.. ­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­.. ­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­.. rq.. Tardman : rs charger fail.. ­­­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­.. ­­­­ ­.. Ko.. ­­ ­­­ ­­ ­­­­ .. ­­ ­­­ ­.. .. bind w +att.. m2+mel.. who the - is .. nop.. ToF: nop.. Ricard L.. ca.. la putain de can a.. .. N 8 amgamgamgamgamgamgamgamgam.. youll pay for this di.. koz.. Grim as .. f1f12 troll b.. koz.. KATANA OR.. fus ro.. no Sala samobój.. ci.. koza.. CHUI AU.. u cun.. Petit so.. kozakura .. gurl iz hertbrokn &.. forcing what is w.. DEAZA.. FORGIVE ME P.. p.. PSILOCYBIN lost st.. π.. BOTZA..
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