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Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:44875272

Steam3: [U:1:89750545]

Community ID: 76561198050016273

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Country: United States of America
Steam member since: 05/10/2011
Member for: 11 years

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    SickoBo Truno SickoBo
    SickoBo r... Sic... SickoBo ... Sic... du...
    Sic... di... do... Sic... hot ... Sic... an... Sic... bo... Sic...

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Metal! Balls of Steel Friendly People furry =CATS= Family Guy hi The Decepticons! Internet Tough Guys Spore [FURRY] Cheese! ♥ deviantART !  Smoking Sucks. There are cooler ways to die! Satan FurAffinity Gamers [vaporeon] Scale Legion gorillaz pizza Polar Bears booty lucious Rick Astley Appreciation Society Cult of King Dedede boring Bisexual Gamers Yogscast Games Roblox Players Cuba Gardevoir Lovers You Are Homo I Step On Extra Crunchy Leaves Yoshi Fan Group The Polite Gamers 本格的ガチムチパンツレスリング Birdistan Thigh High Socks The Sims Players TUNNEL SNAKES. Izumi, Konata Fanclub YiFF'o'LoT! Lugia Fun Club Fans of Criken Hot Chocolate Garry's Mod Furry's R.I.P Michael Jackson ,MJ OBAMA! 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