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Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:46353953

Steam3: [U:1:92707907]

Community ID: 76561198052973635

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Steam member since: 19/11/2011
Member for: 12 years

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Persona History from Steam

NameWhen It Was Changed
Silver28 Jul 2022 3:09pm
Silv9 Jul 2022 5:08pm
Id Rather be playing Akshan19 Jun 2022 1:24am
Silver (With Breasts and Everyth19 Jun 2022 1:22am
Gay Horse Unlimited17 Jan 2022 12:19am
An Dog28 Apr 2021 3:26pm
A Slutty Hard Drive23 Apr 2021 8:52pm

Previous Persona Names

119 persona's. Results limited.
    Silver Silv Silver Id Rather be playing Akshan Silver (With... Sil... Gay Hors...
    Gay Hors... Gay Hors... An ... A Slutty...
    Sil... the... mini s... fun... fu... m i c ...
    Silver... Sha... HI WELCO...

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GMod Tower Lotus Gayming Commmunity [FURRY] mY.RuN ~ Community ~ Public Chimera Hunt for Garry's Mod Vinesauce Vidya Pro TF2 ]=-FML-=[ MCML: The Original The Association of Gamers NoobTube Server Dex and Des Community _Terraria_ Electronic-Gaming Saxton Hell TF2 Outpost |mGeN|Modern Generation Chuck (The Group) Fun Play or Die Fair TerraPvP Alianca Portuguesa Meet The Stats Gear Up Another Furry Community ʕ• ᴥ •ʔ Tf2 Trading/Raffling/Gamenights LotusEurope ZombieLand  [OFFICIAL] Lets play gmod StarboundPVP The Showdown Effect Stream Train PublicClutch Team Fortress-2* TheHellHumpers Bwwn Steam Trading Cards Group ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)'S The Pros Group Fallout New Vegas RP(RPoW) Steam Universe The Daleks Rise Boooo Frosty Burrito TF2Vendor RIOT FAN GROUP Heavy and Medic Dateing Group DARK SOULS™ II TF2 |TRADING|RAFFLING| FelipePenguin Fan Club We Have Ebola Pixel Trek Clan Fellow Foxes Unite! Furfag Game Night Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Novitas Bloc Gaming Steam Link The Red Sun Over Paradise COME ON AND SLAM, AND WELCOME TO ISLAM! Surgeon Generals' Office Fallout 4 hahaha-aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! Tales of Zestiria brutal anal sex Starpaw Entertainment Nitro's Hall of Art Worlds Adrift csgofast-com Team Fortress 2 Competitive Beta Monster Hunter Gathering Hall Why do I exist? Absolver Battlerite Deep Rock Galactic Hyper Furry Search for REAL Friends Hunt: Showdown Risk of Rain 2

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2018-10-26 Public
2021-05-24 Private / Friends

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Steam Friends

85 Current Friends
260 Friends Historically
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Vac: 5 (5.88%) Trade Community
Icon Add Mutual Name Friend Stats SteamID Days friends Vac Trade Com Game Sid loc Rating Level
[TRG]Sardus [TRG]Sardus [V:2] STEAM_0:0:4249009 973 n/a 28
√oiDeD √oiDeD [V:6] [T:1] STEAM_0:0:4491990 2,386 n/a 65
◢ Caesar ◣ ◢ Caesar ◣ [V:12] [C:1] STEAM_0:0:14195382 2,055 n/a 27
Loupy Loupy [V:1] STEAM_0:0:15269166 2,109 n/a 52
Flip Z. Flip Z. Private [V:5] STEAM_0:1:15553297 3,582 n/a 44
Shaun  intel  Miner Shaun intel Miner [V:4] [C:1] STEAM_0:1:18959697 511 n/a 28
Grunt_Of_Action Grunt_Of_Action STEAM_0:1:19378596 758 n/a 100
Amethyst Silverfang Amethyst Silverfang Private [V:2] STEAM_0:1:21878342 3,089 n/a 21
WishMaster98 WishMaster98 [V:2] STEAM_0:1:22076676 2,192 n/a 13
ุReshy ุReshy [V:9] STEAM_0:0:22085237 2,767 n/a 100
Xelatross Xelatross [V:6] STEAM_0:0:22109459 3,542 n/a 96
Asa_Valana Asa_Valana Private [V:5] STEAM_0:1:22823813 1,241 n/a 15
Superfudge64 Superfudge64 [V:4] STEAM_0:0:23503477 2,809 n/a 42
Dixxy Dixxy [V:2] [C:1] STEAM_0:1:25247145 1,826 n/a 173
Skulldog Thighs Skulldog Thighs [V:4] [C:1] STEAM_0:0:26036715 2,216 n/a 91
Jayed Skier Jayed Skier [V:2] STEAM_0:1:26163634 372 n/a 37
SuspiciousOpossum SuspiciousOpossum [V:14] STEAM_0:1:26603087 2,543 n/a 23
Marryth Marryth [V:5] STEAM_0:1:31047924 3,016 n/a 54
Gravy Boat Gravy Boat [V:3] [C:1] STEAM_0:1:31229486 3,120 n/a 33
Fe Fe [V:3] [C:1] STEAM_0:0:32523176 1,997 n/a 74
Twizted Twizted STEAM_0:1:32630964 284 n/a 9
little homie gay ass little homie gay ass [V:2] STEAM_0:1:33015412 1,095 n/a 20
Fifer Fifer [V:1] STEAM_0:0:33179369 1,680 n/a 15
Mint Fluffball Mint Fluffball [V:1] [C:1] STEAM_0:0:33192145 3,298 n/a 14
raspy raspy [V:9] STEAM_0:1:33516616 2,381 n/a 126
Gigachad Food Reviewer Gigachad Food Reviewer [V:11] STEAM_0:0:33666934 1,186 n/a 23
Charro Charro STEAM_0:1:33712645 2,693 n/a 65
DoctorLeft DoctorLeft [V:3] STEAM_0:1:35176135 2,170 n/a 70
Noir Ludere Noir Ludere [V:14] STEAM_0:0:37616644 3,207 n/a 90
Joop Joop [V:7] [C:1] STEAM_0:0:37707220 2,705 -1 33
Snowshoe Snowshoe STEAM_0:1:38739453 1,922 n/a 54
Konuro Silver Konuro Silver [V:8] [C:1] STEAM_0:1:39793229 2,250 n/a 22
Lilly Nightfury Lilly Nightfury [V:3] STEAM_0:0:40474014 1,984 n/a 20
Tomkat Tomkat [V:5] STEAM_0:1:40485408 2,787 n/a 36
Fuse Fuse [V:8] [C:1] STEAM_0:1:40754517 2,176 n/a 57
Hoot Hoot [V:16] STEAM_0:1:41146938 775 n/a 35
Lunacy Lunacy [V:3] STEAM_0:1:42115686 3,058 n/a 60
Munther Munther [V:13] [C:2] STEAM_0:0:42171859 1,339 n/a 22
Kyn Kyn [V:3] STEAM_0:1:42254999 2,959 n/a 10
Diluted Diluted [V:2] STEAM_0:0:42812565 3,655 n/a 48
Jacob T. Fox Jacob T. Fox [V:6] [C:1] STEAM_0:1:43506811 2,195 n/a 126
WildCard WildCard [V:16] [C:2] STEAM_0:1:45619096 2,560 n/a 102
Dave Dave [V:16] STEAM_0:1:46269777 3,357 n/a 93
Jfox Jfox [V:5] STEAM_0:1:48253336 2,170 n/a 41
Skittails Skittails [V:1] STEAM_0:0:48373921 1,009 n/a 12
Some Random Eel Some Random Eel [V:2] STEAM_0:0:49770991 1,180 n/a 53
ABCourier ABCourier [V:3] STEAM_0:1:49951188 3,894 n/a 32
Jibade Jibade [V:10] [C:1] STEAM_0:1:51074110 1,977 +1 81
Kaos the Lycanroc Kaos the Lycanroc [V:3] STEAM_0:0:51786570 2,010 n/a 90
 #F00 4π × 10^-7 gecs #F00 4π × 10^-7 gecs [V:12] [C:2] STEAM_0:0:52911137 2,181 n/a 102
Zebusuu Zebusuu [V:10] [C:4] STEAM_0:1:53566215 2,202 n/a 86
Squishy Squishy STEAM_0:0:54735659 2,059 n/a 47
Kalcom Kalcom [V:3] STEAM_0:1:55651161 2,257 n/a 16
Clay Flasey Clay Flasey [V:2] STEAM_0:0:58531424 2,743 n/a 13
HunterZeWolf HunterZeWolf STEAM_0:1:58662910 2,759 n/a 57
Just Monaca Just Monaca [V:9] STEAM_0:1:60214229 2,653 n/a 67
|3lack |3lack [V:13] STEAM_0:1:61183597 2,381 n/a 78
FredFredGerman FredFredGerman [V:2] STEAM_0:1:61510576 3,646 n/a 21
VentusSilver VentusSilver [V:5] STEAM_0:0:61550801 1,925 n/a 58
weird bird weird bird [V:15] STEAM_0:1:68697033 2,604 2 n/a 74
BioBatz BioBatz Private [V:18] STEAM_0:1:69005861 2,839 n/a 93
Cillo Cillo [V:1] STEAM_0:0:71326697 1,375 n/a 24
☁Sea Fluff☁ ☁Sea Fluff☁ [V:8] STEAM_0:1:72054068 2,612 n/a 74
Grand Pappy Williams Grand Pappy Williams [V:4] STEAM_0:1:72064898 2,253 n/a 21
Tenebrae Crowe Tenebrae Crowe [V:3] [C:2] STEAM_0:0:76655089 1,919 n/a 14
Captain Catlord Captain Catlord [V:8] [C:1] STEAM_0:1:77207473 1,979 n/a 71
-Keat- -Keat- [V:3] STEAM_0:0:78899118 2,152 n/a 17
Eat a Tide Pod®. Eat a Tide Pod®. Private [V:10] [C:1] STEAM_0:1:79562278 2,200 n/a 69
Winter Winter STEAM_0:1:80173495 612 n/a 50
golfrocks99 golfrocks99 [V:3] STEAM_0:0:81491416 2,599 n/a 7
A Lone Gray Wolf 🐺 A Lone Gray Wolf 🐺 [V:4] [C:1] STEAM_0:1:81571938 1,005 n/a 166
Veggie Ice Cream™ Veggie Ice Cream™ [V:2] STEAM_0:1:84138766 2,206 n/a 41
PopCulturePizza PopCulturePizza [V:8] [T:1] [C:2] STEAM_0:0:85502486 2,404 n/a 56
Goaty guy Goaty guy [V:5] [C:1] STEAM_0:0:88903019 1,916 n/a 12
Foxmom (Rena) Foxmom (Rena) [V:4] [C:1] STEAM_0:0:89639463 2,192 n/a 5
Nitro Nitro [V:1] STEAM_0:1:89730074 2,698 n/a 54
Maro Maro [V:2] STEAM_0:1:96087870 493 n/a 67
TheBazi27 TheBazi27 [V:1] STEAM_0:1:126810819 524 n/a 56
The Lone Grape The Lone Grape [V:1] STEAM_0:1:148572519 1,312 n/a 24
Serena Serena STEAM_0:1:157989243 710 n/a 50
Karp-et Karp-et [V:12] [C:1] STEAM_0:0:158987527 2,513 n/a 20
Infrasound Infrasound [V:8] [C:2] STEAM_0:0:164028989 2,126 n/a 47
Mint Mint Private STEAM_0:0:484025929 1,434 n/a 36
Knifey Knifey [V:12] STEAM_0:0:503428396 474 n/a 81
Tubby Space  Paca Tubby Space Paca [V:2] STEAM_0:0:570963876 608 n/a 12

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