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Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:50538083

Steam3: [U:1:101076167]

Community ID: 76561198061341895

Custom URL: poors

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Steam member since: 03/04/2012
Member for: 8 years

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NameWhen It Was Changed
poor7 Aug 6:02pm
water7 Aug 6:02pm
aum3 Aug 10:02pm
32s3 Aug 2:54am
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    poor aum 32s cro .. cro cr.. cr.. .. s.. gi.. shy v.. cl.. kh.. kh.. kh.. c.. .. ae aum El.. x.. oct.. v .. .. vns .. 8 .. .. .. ear vung.. aio air ᠌᠌ .. ᠌᠌ ᠌.. gu.. aun .. noh.. w.. wh.. w.. WH.. .. .. cl.. .. .. exi.. mia sio .. j.. .. .. shy .. e.. .. sh.. .. sh.. .. u look like juice .. b.. for.. k..
    .. sh.. ex.. d.. q.. shi .. .. .. fli 333 you look .. [i.. T1 .. .. kaya, youre l.. .. sa.. T1 s.. .. .. shY worser s.. better s.. .. bhye .. mur.. s.. car.. .. Tyler GUCCIGANGER Gut.. Tyler Gut.. kMT .. .. k8 kda .. r8p .. legoninger.. k.. .. .. ุ.. 12 promet.. fun.. .. .. gu.. ke.. s1mple (litera.. c.. .. b.. .. ja.. .. NINJA.. bu .. min.. uwu senti.. sk8 k.. .. rsx K.. WORLD.. th.. .. T1 32rd ens.. T1 k.. a.. s un.. 9s rip 9 9ks 9k ke.. heartbreakwar.. w.. hopeless at .. .. child .. abs.. go.. .. shi unh.. .. i.. shy, taker of h.. shy, taker of w.. .. Dark.. .. absents ba.. i miss school therefor i a.. t.. .. .. ka.. .. con.. mi.. shi ShyDoesMinec.. mo.. depresh.. wayla.. KT.. s.. id ro.. ro.. s.. .. .. moma raised a sol.. brokenhearts.. shy blush b.. s.. sh.. sah shy shylr on youtube go.. sa.. sa.. sah he.. se.. shy al.. .. 09 s.. s.. .. ka.. .. .. signed my death note, what.. .. .. .. top fra.. s.. .. .. noH.. sa.. parallel sa.. ab.. a.. sob innas.. innoc.. wo.. c.. shi t.. a.. t.. .. sa.. sly ashy.. shylr on you.. sshh be q.. qu.. top 10 best in aus no ego .. bb girl .. kaya the egirl s.. s.. prod.. shysh.. b.. 669 Ret.. a.. ly.. ir.. ic.. sh.. .. khi shy s.. sincerely,.. sh.. boneless chicken p.. sh.. shawtes buy ar.. shy (team ca.. shy.. shy sha.. ?ha.. s.. Wab1Mig.. S.. shy shy likes he.. team c.. s.. shy is.. shy eats b.. shyiN 3,354 h.. sleep.. shylr is fortnite.. hayt on you.. weepr on you..
    hateau on you.. Flyn.. ic.. .. igetnosebleedswhenimaster.. al.. were meant to be deran.. millie bobby b.. mi.. mili booby c.. cloutfarmer.. party in .. .. weap.. actual best awper.. sherousawik.. haterialipeo.. hanerikawus.. .. Athle.. .. wh.. wh.. .. .. LvN s.. 13.. MAL h.. h.. Ha.. h.. Ha.. run .. h.. shy yoyonon.. endmyfckn.. endmyfck.. depr.. LETS GOOO DONN.. .. evL .. hrT .. isolat.. T.. .kt shew.. pain, shew.. suicidal, shew.. deadman, tal.. .. .. q.. v.. twitch_.. .. built in ai.. twitch_.. .. ihate.. Br.. .. .. in.. ᠌ ᠌᠌.. ᠌ ᠌.. m.. .. isol.. surrender your .. before i close my .. fuc.. remedy for a broken he.. k.. .. .. kadeeeeeee.. kadee.. .. rXse cs.m.. .. .. ... .rXse cs.m.. .rXse [derank.. deadins.. deadins.. dead inside |..
    r o.. r x.. ム .. Dr.. R.. rxse 100comme.. r x s e . e.. Ranking Do.. Ωm.. k... n.. give xX_gay_Xx 64 Diam.. give xXgayXx 64 Diam.. Jocelyn Fl.. [M]eTro.. [M]eTro™.. [M] eTro..
    TheNamesP.. !Aboi.. xTama.. AustisticPa.. 嘿林.. x.. Cancerous child with a.. Cancerous child with a .. ArchedFish..
    HeadShot [Giraffes Uni.. mad Giraffe sl.. mad milker sl.. im a noooooooooooooob ha h..
    snipe your head.. Skeleton {Mine The Craf.. Dialga {Poke Him.. Diagla {Poke Him..
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    snipe your head..


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