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Country: South Africa
Steam member since: 08/09/2012
Member for: 8 years

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many29 May 9:44pm
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many many n/a
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    many Chops wowza Doofy Fok EUbedie.. C.. C.. C.. C.. Big - Energy are u mad .. C.. how to pay for ToD.. C.. Screechers .. C.. i want b.. C.. onlyplaydrunkgeto.. retrardp.. whiny a.. wow same - up.. but mom im op fuc.. block fucktards for a re.. Nub C.. low ping ca.. SuperAwe.. C.. need internet friends.. dill.. C.. i leave most g.. C.. C..
    ilike.. CJS team_mu.. ysomad mur.. yu.. Отбивн.. wed 2 secondsdeadBoss.. trash DorIdos+Boss.. trash DorI.. as.. everygamepyrot.. C.. usa.. CJ b r.. seno.. G.. C.. s.. MM C.. mi.. 6.. Chops no.. pro cas pl.. USA.. cum high tour 1 class heav.. LOOK MA I HAVE GOLD.. C.. Z e D ma .. id.. endsagai.. lowpingcarry.. hi.. C.. C.K.haslefttheG ME***.. S.A.M trash .. whose worse ardon or m.. kritz 2 .. i use S.A.M cause.. C.. C.. C.K. has left the .. C.K.GAME**FUEL has left th.. C.K.GAME***FUEL has left t.. Pro U.. C.K. my.. C.. ch.. .. wa.. im pro, i play .. .. C.. 050tourpyr.. 2manypropyros.. notinmood.. Tr.. a tro.. Sch.. S.. every game retard .. y u have .. com.. C.. .. C C.. h.. s.. wemvmagai.. d.. ping mat.. fux.. just1mor.. wallabing.. C.. stab.. C.. TacoBwll fan club.. 1234012384ijho213pj5rmn3p.. when u get mad.. like i give 2shits who.. Taco Bell no.1 fan kick .. fu#$.. Two Kap C.. DanDippitys no.1.. C.. ezy.. i did play boot.. J.. l.. C.. yey.. justm.. 3am kgthe f.. C.. ban pyro mvm % sam .. C.. notsayinganyt.. ri.. 2hrs l.. game .. C.. exp .. C.. gergez carry.. pro noob heavy med c.. disa.. goodo.. notel.. Notgunna.. Cho.. lowping carry.. Cho.. P.. does ping mat.. scared to .. adm.. succ.. Chi.. C.. i h8.. thiccest nut why so .. Cho.. Just D.. shitfi.. propyrotoc.. propyrogoingtoc.. lowpingcarr.. lowpingproscarr.. LWChopsC.. Cho.. C.. 2manyy.. somanypro.. Cho.. lowpingcarr..
    Cho.. mutebuttonbestbu.. lowpingcarr.. C.. (not) hats make u .. hats make u .. usa.. no.9usagameleaving.. no.9usagameleav.. #7.. Cho.. PLS CARRY .. yes, u.. 3weeksoff d.. game2fuckinghard.. dill.. C.. 28daysoffleg.. mutebuttonbestbu.. oh.. Cho.. Chop.. i play pugs cause.. i use transl.. braindeads everyw.. Chops.. Chops.. mah.. missuso.. C.. missum.. mis.. miss.. mvmpinghighicr.. sec.. Slopsa.. C.. Not C.. s.. ПОЖИЛАЯ БИЛИБ.. all ruskis - retar.. C.. C. W EMv.. Chops, ive had en.. had eno.. bored, dont expect m.. removing ppl who dont invi.. .. whose worst, G.E.W.P, EGC .. WHY Rep C .. .. C. .. ra.. C.. jnr C.. .. gr.. C.. basic - ENLISH N.. y i always get the pros on.. C.. rip Eagles .. Ukn.. C.. Gr.. C.. 10th try mm game .. 9th try mm game .. Sick,Tired and Gr.. Veggie worst tf2.. ill Cj thats Mr dick.. C.. n.. .. Rel.. F.. avanic.. newac.. prepai.. ber.. sloshe.. C.. i.. i ava da c.. conch+med .. conch.. noa.. how to .. aww y the kick Z.. le .. el s.. C.. no heals for red ro.. two.e.. .. its ye.. ineedgr.. toodrunk4.. sa.. id.. C.. so.. .. Chop.. Chops e.. all asian servers this.. NO U ARE .. St.. S.. tij.. do.. en.. C.. fruitl.. underscore,.. bl.. C.. nomor.. w.. 2old4.. .. .. on9 mutebuttonbestbu.. ine.. inR.. hi.. C.. .. iminluvwith.. euros....S.A.M. amd vac pl.. mutebuttonbestbu.. k.. mus.. Ba..
    C.. coff.. B.. s.. C.. anudabourban.. anudabourb.. slo.. pisse.. pri.. RIP my .. rip.. Chop.. Chops M.. C.. Fish&C.. Wedne.. f.. slu.. Gru.. F#$.. Gr.. Gr.. 2.. C.. po.. S.H.. p.. sl.. .. s.. An.. Si.. C.. 23 drinks, dill.. dill.. mac nomoreasianser.. .. .. pop C.. .. C.. C J S.. Slo.. fn pissed a.. aus#1 on asian serv.. Luf.. fl.. .. fr.. C.. j C C J fn ham.. C.. Chops nee.. Chop.. Fr.. Wa.. sLO.. y asians play vacc and shi.. fuk asian ser.. where is da kritz as.. y asians us shitfix and .. C.. humpda.. C.. fn asian ser.. are all asians .. C.. Y all G.E.W.P so s.. idrink.. i d.. leave simone alone c.. Cantsta.. Chops meh unus.. I LUV ASIAN SERV.. F# % fri.. fn asians ser.. C.. humpday.. s.. R.. first game and pi.. 2 bottles of tu.. in.. first game and pisse.. Wednes.. new to..
    C.. still2pissed2.. pusseda.. C.. 1ltr of turkey and im beat.. 16rarebr.. 16rareb.. Drunk and D.. nurofen and turkey dont.. drugs and booze dont .. jj C.. c.. C.. sopisse.. sopissed.. so pissed.. Red sto.. sopi.. how to.. C.. W.. B.. i dont heal snipers .. Slo.. Va.. unban packn.. Blind as us.. C.. Vap.. Stefi .. Venus Will.. 2.. E Z KILL B.. Chops B day pusse.. http: www.howtoengi.. ilie..
    C.. new mouse,keyboard,headph.. Call med no h.. ChopsPussed as al.. i dont heal scouts snipers.. i dont heal snipers sc.. .. K.. Sig.. C .. C.. s.. C+C More drunk than .. S.. Ekekatapazo.. Ekkipatazoo.. C.. Pu.. Hi5 K.. .. .. Miss Money P.. M.C Po.. ..
    C.. CJ C&a.. Rev.. C.. Noohatstill.. Nooo, ur hat.. no, the hat..
    C.. .. oh oh.. no ur a .. noooooo.. my f..
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