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Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:63356741

Steam3: [U:1:126713482]

Community ID: 76561198086979210

Custom URL: idragonbread


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Country: Chile
Steam member since: 22/03/2013
Member for: 10 years

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Persona History from Steam

NameWhen It Was Changed
iDragønBread25 May 2020 9:55am iDragonBread21 May 2020 5:23pm
Dragøn Bread3 May 2020 8:37pm idragonbread22 Mar 2020 10:00pm
Dragøn de Mermelada22 Feb 2020 8:21pm
ElMermelada4 Jul 2019 3:43pm
ElMermelada gamehag.com4 Jul 2019 11:04am
Pan con mermelada15 Feb 2018 9:35am
Pan con mermelada gamehag.com15 Feb 2018 9:35am
Masarux25 Mar 2013 1:38pm

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    iDragønBread iDragonBread Dragøn Bread idragonbread Dragøn ...
    ElMer... ElMermelad...
    Pan con...
    Pan con...
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    Pan con...

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2019-09-05 Public

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25 Friends Historically
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Icon Add Mutual Name Friend Stats SteamID Days friends Vac Trade Com Game Sid loc Rating Level
koCmeister koCmeister [V:27] [C:4] STEAM_0:0:15146795 2,147 n/a 190
Elektritha Elektritha STEAM_0:1:22935408 1,167 n/a 10
Layo Layo [V:1] [C:1] STEAM_0:1:33291200 1,213 n/a 12
Dark Dark STEAM_0:1:46278970 315 n/a -
bigboobie type guyy bigboobie type guyy STEAM_0:1:47741991 3,720 n/a -
Falopero Falopero [V:6] STEAM_0:0:49357436 1,027 n/a 23
SamuraiNyak SamuraiNyak STEAM_0:1:51462995 1,813 n/a 17
JereDicc JereDicc [V:12] STEAM_0:0:52828316 1,503 n/a 17
G-Wolf G-Wolf STEAM_0:1:52829718 2,144 n/a 55
Kyoruma Kyoruma Private [V:1] STEAM_0:0:53756266 1,888 n/a 21
Tormentor Tormentor STEAM_0:1:57090968 1,853 n/a 9
Nico Ψ Nico Ψ [V:6] STEAM_0:0:60144214 2,243 n/a 21
Unheard noise Unheard noise [V:2] STEAM_0:0:60811422 2,353 n/a 11
أوبي وان كينوبي أوبي وان كينوبي [V:6] [C:1] STEAM_0:0:62359060 1,104 n/a 11
Kibaaa1312 Kibaaa1312 [V:14] [C:3] STEAM_0:0:63056427 2,292 n/a 21
Jaaiu Jaaiu [V:2] STEAM_0:0:65190171 1,968 n/a 26
syverriva syverriva STEAM_0:1:65653546 517 n/a -
Commander Catbug Commander Catbug STEAM_0:1:65857769 2,143 n/a 43
Don_Darel Don_Darel [V:1] STEAM_0:1:66769031 1,853 n/a 8
s2kjn93h s2kjn93h STEAM_0:1:67464543 3,457 n/a -
Windows XP Windows XP STEAM_0:0:68372589 276 n/a 51
Buffalo King Buffalo King [V:19] STEAM_0:1:70556050 1,213 n/a 20
slenderman slenderman [V:4] [C:1] STEAM_0:0:71063877 3,389 n/a 5
DIMEJARA DIMEJARA [V:30] [C:2] STEAM_0:1:72685264 2,107 n/a 25
Quagmire Quagmire [V:7] [T:1] [C:3] STEAM_0:1:75614454 1,853 n/a 12
martín martín [V:2] [C:1] STEAM_0:1:76902965 2,355 n/a 32
Axel Kaiser Axel Kaiser [V:9] STEAM_0:1:77391854 2,355 n/a 14
Wacamoule Wacamoule [V:1] STEAM_0:1:79695487 1,904 n/a 25
rolf rolf Private STEAM_0:1:79761831 3,435 n/a -
CSM | not_vicentin CSM | not_vicentin [V:10] STEAM_0:0:80029235 1,234 n/a 17
abelantonio2390 abelantonio2390 STEAM_0:0:80127442 3,435 n/a -
Young Cardinals Young Cardinals STEAM_0:0:80494480 3,436 n/a -
TheCBF TheCBF [V:1] STEAM_0:0:81651224 1,504 n/a 5
Vrock Vrock [V:8] [C:3] STEAM_0:1:83342705 3,388 n/a 25
R.I.P CUENTA R.I.P CUENTA [V:4] STEAM_0:0:84336424 3,283 n/a 7
MATROXKO MATROXKO [V:15] STEAM_0:0:85270721 2,139 n/a 24
ChatGPT ChatGPT STEAM_0:1:89267289 2,354 n/a 7
DiegoMcfly DiegoMcfly [V:6] STEAM_0:0:92175250 1,220 n/a 31
doomguy chikito doomguy chikito [V:2] STEAM_0:0:96496081 765 n/a 17
Silv3stre Silv3stre [V:6] STEAM_0:1:105492672 1,095 n/a 32
Crimsøn Crimsøn Private STEAM_0:0:109932015 1,145 n/a -
Farcon Farcon [V:3] [C:1] STEAM_0:0:118279261 67 n/a 6
Hele Hele Private STEAM_0:0:122155670 2,341 n/a 8
⚡thecampist ⚡thecampist Private STEAM_0:1:128934495 1,968 n/a -
Resh Resh [V:6] [C:1] STEAM_0:0:141797985 2,150 n/a 20
Zinvha Zinvha [V:2] STEAM_0:0:149345083 1,122 n/a 8
Atom Atom [V:53] [C:5] STEAM_0:0:158126820 2,140 n/a 31
conni p_p conni p_p STEAM_0:1:161185505 1,104 n/a -
MathewSunSeeker MathewSunSeeker Private STEAM_0:0:164724588 2,259 n/a -
maximo maximo [V:5] STEAM_0:1:168308285 2,298 n/a 10
Masturbinho Masturbinho [V:1] STEAM_0:0:187114166 64 n/a 5
YorKan☘ YorKan☘ STEAM_0:1:191933595 1,104 n/a 11
LEAÐER LEAÐER [V:1] STEAM_0:1:196852050 1,504 n/a 8
King the ñeflen King the ñeflen [V:1] STEAM_0:1:201826942 2,298 n/a -
Javieroxox Javieroxox STEAM_0:0:207783650 364 n/a 13
WinterCard  Alone  bot WinterCard Alone bot [V:9] [C:4] STEAM_0:1:211855318 2,147 -1 15
ElZeroko ElZeroko STEAM_0:1:217233789 1,977 n/a 5
MasadePan MasadePan STEAM_0:1:221987442 1,255 n/a -
Gems4Cards Gems4Cards [V:5] [T:1] [C:1] STEAM_0:0:418192881 1,956 n/a 13
REÐ CROW REÐ CROW STEAM_0:1:426660586 1,726 n/a 13
Moyart Moyart STEAM_0:1:453909652 1,240 n/a -
Ian Snake Ian Snake STEAM_0:1:456091261 1,216 n/a 6
JustNico JustNico STEAM_0:0:460166272 1,154 n/a 6
Migue Migue STEAM_0:0:464100066 1,057 n/a -
Stone Stone STEAM_0:0:498930931 1,104 n/a -
ƒᥙƒꙆɩᥱ ƒᥙƒꙆɩᥱ STEAM_0:1:513632866 771 n/a -
sys sys Private STEAM_0:0:527794253 1,149 n/a -
AlliumRoseum AlliumRoseum STEAM_0:1:564802232 360 n/a -

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