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Espeon (CG 12) Missile Cruisers


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Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:65262965

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Country: United States of America
Steam member since: 09/05/2013
Member for: 7 years

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Persona History

NameWhen It Was Changed
Espeon (CG12) Missile Cruisers4 Apr 6:02pm
BANNED4 Apr 5:59pm
Phoenix Vichy France Republic24 Mar 10:46pm
Glaceon Queen OF France Republic11 Mar 10:17am
Noisy Queen OF France Republic26 Jan 4:55pm
Leafeon Queen OF France Republic12 Jan 11:28am
Leafeon Queen OF France12 Jan 11:26am
Glaceon Queen OF Sweden8 Jan 5:51pm
Glaceon Leader OF Sweden8 Jan 5:36pm
Espeon Leader Norway Republic8 Jan 5:35pm
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Espeon n/a
Espeon n/a
Espeon n/a
Espeon! n/a
Espeon n/a
Espeon n/a
Espeon) n/a
Espeon n/a
Espeon n/a
Espeon n/a

Previous Persona Names

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    Espeon (CG12) Missile Cruisers BANNED Phoenix Vichy France Republic Glaceon Queen OF France Republ Noisy Queen OF France Repu.. Leafeon Queen OF France Re.. Leafeon Queen OF Fr.. Glaceon Queen OF Sw.. Glaceon Leader OF Sw.. Espeon Leader Norway Repu..
    Espeon Leader Of Norway Re.. PURO Leader Of Norway Repu.. PURO Leader Of No.. .. Espeon Love Challenger .. Espeon Love To Two I .. Norway Espeon Lieutenant G.. Pearl Espeon And JS .. Pearl Es.. Pearl Espeon BN .. Pearl Espeon With GTW .. Pearl Espeon With Southern.. ☯☯☯Pearl Espeon☯.. 💤💤Pearl Espeon💤.. Pearl Espeon With GTW .. Pearl Espeon Soviet Off.. Pearl Espeon With GN .. Pearl Espeon With GN ..
    Espeon The God Of Psy.. Espeon & Norwegian Leo.. Espeon The Sovite T34 Ts.. Espeon Best Sn.. Espeon 💔 🎵Lucario.. ☭The Soviet Espeo.. Espeon & UP.. Espeon & Metroli.. Espeon & DMIR 226 Slee.. Espeon & DMIR.. Espeon & Southern Paci.. 🎃Espeon.. Es.. Espeon & Southern Paci.. Espeon & Southern Paci.. Espeon & Southern Pac.. Espeon hate water type fri.. Espeon hate ᴠᴀᴘᴘʏ.. Espeon & MRL .. Espeon & UP 1943 Dont .. Espeon & UP .. Espeon & SP&S Loco.. Espeon & 700 E1 class .. Espeon Northern Pacific .. Espeon HMS Vang.. Espeon dont want taik TGEs.. Asriel God of Hyperd.. Toriel Is Caring One Pie A.. Toriel The Gamer Of .. Tori The Gamer Of .. Toriel Wth ATSF .. Braixen Wth ATSF .. Braixen The show .. Braixen Hate Braixen Ha.. Braixen Is Boston l.. Braixen Medita.. Braixen New York Central S.. Braixen Battle H10 Thunder.. Braixen Airborne C17 Globe.. Braixen French Special Fo.. Braixenie 朴.. Braixen Airborne.. Braixen Battle Tank M1 Ab.. Braixen Battle M109 Pal.. Braixen Is Vary .. Bra.. Braixen Is The God Of Fire.. Braixen BattleShip Fire!!!.. Braixen Battle Tank M1 Ab.. Braixen Got Day Off T.. Braixen Feeling Down T.. Braixen & Pennsylvania.. Braixen & New York Cen.. Braixen & PRR RR Is Le.. Braixen NKP 282.. Bra.. Braixen Hate Robot Cru.. Braixen The Gamer Of .. Braixen {[Clone]} Hate Bra.. Braixen Is Up.. Braixen The Gammer Of .. Braixen The Best Gammer Of.. Braixen The Ki.. Braixen Is Depre.. Braixen Leader Of Braixen .. Braixen Is Tire Of Ru.. Braixen Hate Robots The Ki..
    Bra.. Del.. Braixen Is FightIng A.. Braixen .. Braixen .. Braixen Stress.. Braixen USATC .. Braixen SP&S.. The Unknown.. The Unk.. Braixen Is Great One T.. Braixen Is - At Som.. Braixen Is - Aat Som.. Braixen Dont Want Lucario .. Braixen Is UpSet.. Braixen Mr. Nazi Luc.. Braixen Has Trust .. Braixen Is Best One .. Braixen Is UpSet No.. Braixen Hate Br.. Braixen Is Cool Then Tra.. Braixen Want Trump Kill.. Braixen Is UpSet Not Get S.. Braixen Is UpSet With Luc.. Braixen Is Feeling Be.. Braixen Is Harte From De.. Fexy Is A Ghost He Has No .. Fexy Braixen Braixy Fr.. Fexy The Gamer Bra.. Braixen Not Geting Anyw.. Bra.. Braixen Is Not Happy With.. Braixen F.. Braixen Is .. M109 Paladin Howi.. Braixen Is Up.. M109 Paladin Howitzer Fi.. Bra.. The Ghost Of Bra.. Bra.. Z.. Evil Zorua Has Take in Z.. Zorua CEO Southern Rai.. Zorua Not HelpFell No One.. Zorua not helpfell no..
    Zorua Survives Apocal.. Zorua Survivaer Apocal.. Zorua RAF Fighter pi.. Zorua Will Never Giv.. Zorua CN .. Zorua MRL SD70ACE .. Zorua MRL SD7.. Chessie Special Trains .. USS NEW JERSEY (B.. USS NEW JERSEY (B.. USS IOWA (B.. USS Missouri (B.. Chessie Special ..
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  • 25/Mar/2020
    please do not associate with this person. they really want you to cooperate with them, along with their broken English. then tends to get angry easily over people not listening to them. they are really talkative as well. they will NOT leave me alone. i would take my advice and try to do things you'd like **without** this person.

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