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Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:71951942

Steam3: [U:1:143903885]

Community ID: 76561198104169613

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Country: United States of America
Steam member since: 23/08/2013
Member for: 10 years

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Persona History from Steam

NameWhen It Was Changed
[XOG]Jake[ST]11 Mar 2018 4:45pm
[XOG]Juk[ST]22 Dec 2017 10:05am
[XOG]Jaffe[ST]22 Dec 2017 10:05am
[XOG]Jake]JTB]ST]10 Jun 2017 2:05pm
[XOG]Jakey]JTB]ST]22 Apr 2017 3:22pm
[XOG]JÅkey]JTB]ST]22 Apr 2017 3:20pm
[XOG]Jakey]JTB]ST]🐺 🐾18 Mar 2017 9:16am
Pee Wei1 Jan 2017 7:20pm
[XOG]Jakey[JTB]ST]1 Jan 2017 12:18pm
[XOG]Jakey][JTB]ST1 Jan 2017 12:18pm

Previous Persona Names

21 persona's. Results limited.
    [XOG]Juk[ST] [XOG]Jake]JTB]ST] [XOG]Jakey]JTB]ST] [XOG]JÅ... [XOG]Jakey]... Pee... [XOG]Jak... [XOG]Ja...
    Poo... [XOG]Jak... [XOG]Ja... [XOG]JΛ... [XOG]נα... ... Ted... Xxdo... Mr.De... xXGam... Con...

Steam Level History


GMod Tower Wiremod HUGE FUCKING GROUP LOL Wiremod Help intox. Gaming Community Yogscast Games Official Major League Gamers SCP Foundation Canadian's Turf Server Matt's Server Team9000 The House of Rats Xtreme Piratecats Fan Club ! [Official] Minecraft Community PixelTail Games Life Punch LCPD First Response Free Build Hookups Imperial_Community Nate's Fun House The Storm Chasers (Gmod Tornado Chasers) Team Fortress 2 - Trading TF2Scrap Neurotec Official group SkyArmy Scribblenauts Unlimited Ace of Spades TechnicPack No More Room in Hell DayZ Kerbal Space Program Fans Of VenturianTale DevinityServers Sharp Shooters Gaming Venturian Adventurers VenturanTale TB002 Fan Club miao‏u vortex 3 The followers of President Man Damnation RP I Just Want To Build Omegalodon TR0113D TF TOO - Raffle House - Dark Town Terrorist Town --Scouting Legion-- Games and sites TEAM TWISTEX minecrafters of awesome ShockCore Gaming Flamboyant Mann Raffles We.Play.Garry's.Mod Metrostroi Official Legendary Gamers Forum Gman's Criib the storm chasers will chase Jump Academy Anti-Maxxes Anti-UB3RR storm chasers (ST) vortex 2 TheTwister11 The Fun Programmers And Gamers vortex 5 THE ENGINEER BRAHS dow team78 Windforge vortex 4 storm chasers reunited Lol Clan ALPHA Vortex 8 | GMOD Storm Chasers Cool Train Group Quality Sandbox Gaming "Raze Gaming" killacows #Raffles F5 storm chasers Merggy's Gaming Fan Group Crea [tornado] chasers theHunter Classic the pro chasers [Tornado] Storm Chasers Gman's Storm Chasers Evolved Gamers Republic PolarisRP The TACO Leagin TIKI x TIKI x TIKI SpintiresMp M.v.M Brawlers TOR Clan DeathRow Servers Habitat Valiant Hearts: The Great War™ / Soldats Inconnus : Mémoi SPCS War of garrys mod music catz Music Cats prochasers lab Fesarius Xtreme Storm Chasing Supa Fort Tu Vortex 12 / GMOD STORM CHASING the engi boss club The Name Changing Community The Long Dark -- Sandbox Alpha Autocraft Don't Starve Together PANDA GODDS Raffles & Fun! teh butter club A Haloween Eevee Hippoangels TF2 group! Nova of Traders Tadzior's Raffle [Tf2] Thunder Gaming DarkRP Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition Stop the Phisher Bots! TF2 ~ Raffles TF2 Fair Raffles Paperclip's Party MLG Ledz Clan Nate's Storm Chasing -TF2 Raffling Mansion- Gamemaster's Adventures with Friends FunnyTummy Time Of Eve Community Twisted RolePlaying CS:Raffles animitronics Stand and Friends Dr. Raffle The Illuminati's Secret Police Interstellar Rift Fallout 4 Despers storm chase group Sykos Corporation Despers server Kilroy Gaming THE | WOLF | PACK Sheltered Adolf Hitler JR PULSAR: Lost Colony Temp Gaming Group ToxicGaming DarkRP The Epic Army! People who want to kill Faithful Velocity storm chasing JazSu14 Youtube Group Tower Unite CaTaStRoPh!c gaming Factorio storm chasers extreme Omega Youtube Gaming Super ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) gDisasters Eco LEGO® STAR WARS™: The Force Awakens Scrap Mechanic Labs USA TheStormClanGroup Oxygen Not Included Unturned USMC DakTek Combat System Group Ultra Motors Final Frontier Reborn Presidential Roleplay St Admins santa doge officel fan group Graveyard Keeper United Chasers Stationeers Velocity Storm Chasers Trailmakers the lucitanian republic Sons of the SuperNova Levito Aeronautics garrys mod storm chasers Weather Event Discussions Project Borealis - Epistle 3 GTFO Rp_fanvill SkyPirates: Storm Chaser Researc The Walking Dead: The Final Season Among Us hang out and chill BONEWORKS Halo: The Master Chief Collection Storm Chasers Half-Life: Alyx Sons Of The Forest

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2018-10-22 Public

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134 Current Friends
194 Friends Historically
Historic friends rate limited for non-patrons
Vac: 8 (5.97%) Trade Community: 3 (2.24%)
Icon Add Mutual Name Friend Stats SteamID Days friends Vac Trade Com Game Sid loc Rating Level
snitchxje snitchxje [V:22] [C:2] STEAM_0:1:15147958 2,662 n/a 15
Murf_Uk Murf_Uk [V:10] [C:1] STEAM_0:0:23400741 3,282 n/a 11
Nova Nova Private STEAM_0:1:24640562 3,393 n/a -
NuclearWaffle NuclearWaffle [V:2] STEAM_0:1:24937023 2,334 n/a 14
Reap3r71 Reap3r71 STEAM_0:1:30520661 351 n/a 10
[ST] SGT. Shorty [ST] SGT. Shorty [V:10] [C:13] STEAM_0:0:30607613 3,204 n/a 22
Freddy from iCharlie Freddy from iCharlie Private [V:5] STEAM_0:1:35567409 3,395 n/a 12
jpresz jpresz STEAM_0:1:36579120 3,302 n/a -
Doggo Doggo [V:3] STEAM_0:0:41007969 893 n/a 13
Doc Holliday Doc Holliday [V:30] STEAM_0:0:42046491 2,842 n/a 9
SirFlanksALot SirFlanksALot [V:5] [C:32] STEAM_0:1:42146992 3,406 n/a 15
GMsAdv GMsAdv [V:7] [C:4] STEAM_0:0:44306230 2,757 n/a 20
Octave Octave Private [V:1] STEAM_0:0:45342970 777 n/a 134
Major Brown Major Brown [V:2] STEAM_0:1:46062527 2,500 n/a 6
sky sky [V:2] STEAM_0:1:49380947 3,339 n/a 8
burrellsjeep burrellsjeep [V:3] [C:1] STEAM_0:1:49974715 678 n/a 10
Abyssian Domika Abyssian Domika [V:3] [C:1] STEAM_0:0:50154283 2,056 n/a 35
Joekr Joekr SR BAN [V:46] STEAM_0:0:51296464 2,186 n/a 23
lophi lophi [V:31] [C:3] STEAM_0:1:51715228 1,326 n/a 48
Blue Square Blue Square [V:4] STEAM_0:1:53629715 2,306 n/a 21
Merggy Merggy [V:43] [C:12] STEAM_0:1:53812282 3,412 n/a 142
M1ndFl4y3rM80 M1ndFl4y3rM80 Private [V:5] STEAM_0:1:53988094 3,385 n/a 20
stallingblock2 stallingblock2 [V:13] STEAM_0:0:57386892 2,488 n/a 22
BOT Tom BOT Tom [V:29] [C:1] STEAM_0:1:57904277 2,854 n/a 83
Sky Sky STEAM_0:0:57995539 2,716 n/a 44
Jeff Jeff [V:3] [C:1] STEAM_0:0:58217863 2,552 n/a 46
Dancing Lizard Dancing Lizard STEAM_0:1:58311154 1,076 n/a -
boomer boomer Private STEAM_0:1:58345727 1,050 n/a -
That_Dude That_Dude [V:7] [C:3] STEAM_0:1:59312521 1,539 n/a 47
Jzzip Jzzip STEAM_0:1:59546766 3,348 n/a 8
Leandro Leandro [V:2] STEAM_0:1:59866086 2,832 n/a 11
RastaHeartedGirl RastaHeartedGirl [V:19] [C:7] STEAM_0:1:59962907 3,127 n/a 9
puzs puzs STEAM_0:0:60000277 1,126 n/a 8
TheClayMan TheClayMan [V:2] [C:1] STEAM_0:1:60016792 1,571 n/a 41
TP Industries 1 TP Industries 1 [V:1] STEAM_0:0:60204735 3,408 n/a 9
Overt_Da_Covert Overt_Da_Covert Private STEAM_0:0:60691594 3,411 n/a -
DoubleCase DoubleCase [V:1] [C:8] STEAM_0:0:60884922 3,440 n/a 7
PhoenixCry PhoenixCry [V:1] STEAM_0:0:61010337 2,520 n/a 25
LuxerNation LuxerNation [V:3] STEAM_0:1:63003350 3,391 n/a 8
MightyMorphine MightyMorphine STEAM_0:1:63237696 3,349 n/a 57
cameron cameron [V:10] [C:5] STEAM_0:1:64054565 3,395 n/a 66
jake jake [V:1] STEAM_0:0:64359937 3,426 n/a 6
[-|-McDonalds] OmegaMAF [-|-McDonalds] OmegaMAF [V:1] [C:4] STEAM_0:0:65904990 3,208 n/a 8
Super_noah2 Super_noah2 [V:18] [C:1] STEAM_0:0:66008102 2,716 n/a 9
meleeweapons meleeweapons STEAM_0:1:66771275 3,122 n/a -
Sarah from Mcdonalds Sarah from Mcdonalds [V:12] STEAM_0:0:67881723 3,121 n/a 10
Over 9000 hours left Over 9000 hours left [C:1] STEAM_0:1:68689837 1,913 n/a 10
Lolnah Lolnah [V:2] STEAM_0:0:69152420 3,397 n/a 6
minecraft_gaming_123 minecraft_gaming_123 [C:1] STEAM_0:0:70946750 3,330 n/a 6
jac[t.s.s]awesomegmod2321 jac[t.s.s]awesomegmod2321 Private STEAM_0:0:71134105 3,255 n/a -
xcromx xcromx [V:2] [C:3] STEAM_0:0:73545886 3,298 n/a 7
grunga grunga [V:5] [C:2] STEAM_0:1:74017019 2,614 n/a 12
Hippoangel99 Hippoangel99 [V:4] [C:2] STEAM_0:0:75094268 3,272 n/a 33
Pee Harvey Ballswald Pee Harvey Ballswald [V:2] STEAM_0:0:75734874 2,698 n/a 10
(ST) VERYRAREBOYZ (ST) VERYRAREBOYZ [V:6] STEAM_0:1:76732752 2,454 n/a 11
XtremeKHAOS70 XtremeKHAOS70 [V:4] STEAM_0:0:77262374 2,203 n/a 37
YeYeOnMe YeYeOnMe [V:6] [C:2] STEAM_0:0:77375299 2,631 n/a 9
Nukemymeme27 Nukemymeme27 [V:7] [C:3] STEAM_0:0:77905626 2,411 n/a 72
Treyboy484 Treyboy484 STEAM_0:0:78206015 2,752 n/a -
pure pure Private [V:3] STEAM_0:1:78405821 2,841 n/a 20
Medusa Medusa STEAM_0:1:79212569 3,068 n/a 7
panda117 panda117 [V:1] [C:2] STEAM_0:0:79730148 3,343 n/a 6
SSundee SSundee [V:3] STEAM_0:1:79746817 3,197 n/a 7
Lixdy Lixdy [V:10] [C:3] STEAM_0:0:80025007 3,175 n/a 26
Grease Grease [V:1] STEAM_0:1:80310959 2,372 n/a 32
Just Alex Just Alex [V:15] [C:1] STEAM_0:1:80967897 2,606 n/a 10
BoneyardBanshee BoneyardBanshee [V:1] [C:1] STEAM_0:0:81474529 2,466 n/a 11
[ZnZ]Nate [ZnZ]Nate [V:13] STEAM_0:0:81518023 622 n/a 12
warmaster warmaster STEAM_0:0:81664109 3,410 n/a 5
Reaperof souls2000 Reaperof souls2000 STEAM_0:1:81798126 3,233 n/a 5
Farmer Joel Farmer Joel [V:8] STEAM_0:0:82103982 2,017 n/a 31
honeybeez honeybeez Private STEAM_0:1:82698821 1,082 n/a -
Big Snom Big Snom [V:13] [C:5] STEAM_0:1:83247676 3,332 n/a 44
S1NxxReaper S1NxxReaper [V:2] STEAM_0:1:84106475 3,343 n/a 8
mark3m mark3m [V:10] STEAM_0:0:84971747 2,869 n/a 40
meeper31 meeper31 [V:7] STEAM_0:1:85034097 2,851 n/a 25
Wyk Wyk Private STEAM_0:1:85070878 3,345 n/a -
DementedTales DementedTales EAC BAN [V:40] STEAM_0:1:85883327 2,628 n/a 10
[G.E.W.P] Scoutsniper103 [G.E.W.P] Scoutsniper103 Private [V:1] STEAM_0:0:85984315 2,852 n/a -
UZI GaNg UZI GaNg [V:21] [C:1] STEAM_0:0:88927871 3,161 n/a 8
🗝WomboBot🗝 B  backpacks 🗝WomboBot🗝 B backpacks [V:2] STEAM_0:1:90693178 2,967 n/a 6
p1r0 sh4rk p1r0 sh4rk STEAM_0:1:91547367 3,214 n/a 8
Macey Macey [V:4] STEAM_0:1:93050111 1,620 n/a 7
Err0r_ Err0r_ [V:3] STEAM_0:1:93155430 2,175 n/a 55
PastaMasta PastaMasta Private STEAM_0:1:94412531 2,842 n/a -
kidavo kidavo [V:4] STEAM_0:1:95640539 2,703 n/a 6
codwithak codwithak STEAM_0:1:96345249 1,127 n/a 37
Kid Cuisine Kid Cuisine [V:7] [C:1] STEAM_0:0:96489349 3,120 n/a 24
legitmoka legitmoka [V:4] STEAM_0:1:98945380 2,862 n/a 6
Literal Dogwater Literal Dogwater [V:1] STEAM_0:0:102719320 2,719 n/a 7
kingofthebutter kingofthebutter [V:3] STEAM_0:0:104104685 2,640 n/a 6
DoctorPatchwork DoctorPatchwork [V:5] STEAM_0:1:104965463 2,699 n/a 21
shield of storv shield of storv STEAM_0:1:106879903 3,042 n/a -
Dogescape Dogescape Private [V:6] [C:1] STEAM_0:1:109788001 2,680 n/a 15
Nothrad Nothrad Private STEAM_0:1:110692108 2,973 n/a -
An Ordinary Individual An Ordinary Individual [V:3] [C:3] STEAM_0:1:113079626 2,518 n/a 23
Ford GT Ford GT [V:1] STEAM_0:1:113311036 2,394 n/a 5
JustSam JustSam [V:3] STEAM_0:1:115258946 2,509 n/a 5
megos megos [V:2] [T:1] [C:1] STEAM_0:1:115391987 2,523 n/a 10
TimedIntegral TimedIntegral [V:7] [C:2] STEAM_0:0:121865428 1,799 n/a 9
G2point0 G2point0 Private STEAM_0:0:123928198 1,403 n/a -
salamr salamr STEAM_0:1:124249298 2,864 n/a -
[XOG]The Shpee Lord [XOG]The Shpee Lord STEAM_0:1:125051641 2,840 n/a 8
Xaleng Xaleng Private STEAM_0:0:125559462 3,021 n/a -
YouJustGotBoned YouJustGotBoned [V:4] STEAM_0:0:130957422 2,707 n/a 20
Max Max [V:3] STEAM_0:0:137156152 1,593 n/a 21
TAN TAN [V:2] STEAM_0:0:139880104 2,832 n/a 4
dricon24 dricon24 [V:1] STEAM_0:0:141851293 2,841 n/a 5
Dorito Boi Dorito Boi [V:1] STEAM_0:0:145456699 1,424 n/a 31
Rufux Rufux [V:1] [C:1] STEAM_0:1:148223558 2,307 n/a 12
The Shpee Lord The Shpee Lord STEAM_0:1:149527624 2,757 n/a 5
Killer 1 Killer 1 STEAM_0:1:150719726 2,670 n/a 5
Pazuzu Pazuzu [V:3] STEAM_0:0:151417773 2,105 n/a 46
Ooptopia Ooptopia Private STEAM_0:1:154418828 1,422 n/a -
B A S E D ~ G A M E R B A S E D ~ G A M E R [V:1] STEAM_0:0:156590496 2,685 n/a 13
Its_Salty[ST] Its_Salty[ST] [V:1] STEAM_0:1:156856579 1,627 n/a 23
MetallicStorm0625 MetallicStorm0625 STEAM_0:0:159801029 2,322 n/a 8
Flat Face Flat Face [V:15] [C:2] STEAM_0:0:160214412 24 n/a 61
[TFA] Motor8 [TFA] Motor8 [V:4] [T:1] STEAM_0:1:160407370 1,327 n/a 10
jimmy jimmy [V:1] STEAM_0:1:163700131 2,538 n/a 8
SonicX224 SonicX224 [V:12] [C:1] STEAM_0:1:164259996 1,707 n/a 8
k3mcg k3mcg [V:30] STEAM_0:1:169433570 2,161 n/a 6
Mr.Kittens7 Mr.Kittens7 STEAM_0:0:171980513 2,152 n/a -
The Japanese Baguette The Japanese Baguette [V:19] STEAM_0:0:194567180 2,314 n/a 4
PenguinMayhem PenguinMayhem STEAM_0:1:206462993 1,122 n/a 26
Korozashisakae Korozashisakae Private STEAM_0:0:212840143 898 n/a -
LiteralTable LiteralTable [V:3] [C:1] STEAM_0:1:215843675 1,211 n/a 27
Lucky Lucky STEAM_0:1:230117432 2,078 n/a -
Yamooo Yamooo [V:1] STEAM_0:0:241072326 1,791 n/a 3
NIJ NIJ [V:1] STEAM_0:1:245968036 1,059 n/a 8
vanvalkke27 vanvalkke27 [V:1] STEAM_0:1:425111596 425 n/a 26
FoldUpWaffle FoldUpWaffle STEAM_0:0:506841186 676 n/a 6
Lemonfell Lemonfell STEAM_0:1:546012877 777 n/a 2
jalopy jalopy Private STEAM_0:0:662310681 382 n/a -

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