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Last Login Date: 19/05/2019

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Steam3: [U:1:145657988]

Community ID: 76561198105923716

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NameWhen It Was Changed
EVERLONG19 May 11:12am
Jerra Berra18 May 4:40pm
Banana Pancakes16 May 8:38am
Jerrrrrrrrrrraaa15 May 9:31am
chocolate milk14 May 11:10pm
im a man, okay girl collectors?14 May 11:10pm
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    been on the grind EVERLONG Jerra Berra Banana Pancakes Jerrrrrrrrrrraaa chocolate milk Chocolate Milk Swap commends Where is Bunny Girl Senpai Shadows Die Twice Shadows Die Twice Hi Zero Suit Samus Chocolate Milk Give Viera Waifu SEつ ◕_◕ RIP Zero Suit Samus lmao Give Viera Waifu SEつ ◕_◕ Chocolate Milk me 1 Savannah 0 chocolate milk (at the beach!) Hitori no tame no lullaby Starzieee ;3 Jerras friend lol Style and Grace I Got Style And Grace Vizzy Zone Elite friend untrusting frie Rhymes Like Dimes I feel good, very good. Perfect Dark nope, n.. pick actual supps no.. End g.. at theaters (end game) hmu.. LoL Pl.. PERS.. Yami Ba.. no more gamekeys lef.. hmu friends for sekiro key.. I love my elite friend .. Force Of Na.. Chocolate Milk (sleee.. Chocolate .. Chocolate milk (guitar dra.. Savannahs sh.. Save the fu.. swap comm.. a real h.. Shadows Die T.. California .. jay + sav league .. Savannah dies t.. Turbo spa.. Hot Cheetos P.. Sometimes I .. BBL on a gameofthrones dat.. My body is s.. Lifes .. Lifes Good (sleep .. Shadows Die T.. Shadows Die Twice (guitar .. Hi Sava.. Hinatas Boo.. Hinata s Boo.. save the fu.. my life is an.. save the fu.. CRAZYY .. Last Vi.. Call me d.. Save the fu.. a handsome bach.. save the fu.. save the future (sl.. save the fu.. save the future (out walki.. e.. ez 25 (.. Shadows Die T.. e.. Reflex .. Really e.. Shadows Die T.. Break up with your BF, im .. Shadows Die T.. My Life is an.. Shadows Die T.. Shadow of Vi.. Choco Do.. thanks for confirming, .. Chocolate .. Dantes awake.. Chocolate .. Chocolate Milk (focus slee.. Chocolate .. BR Vi.. Focus .. Chore.. Reflex Mode K.. Reflex .. Oh Canad.. Hi Mak.. I like Canad.. Reflex .. Hi Mak.. B. Panc.. Hi Mak.. Banana Panc.. Zack St.. Cloud .. Banana Panc.. Panc.. Pomis second cat (out for .. I wanna see the all .. SC x Te.. Pepsi.. Fuck EThots(donate to my p.. Shadow of F.. Shadow of Fulse(out for .. good night ame.. Youre either in or.. League player.. CSGO s.. Making Banana Panc.. Real Husb.. Re.. Reflex nap tim.. Mode: Produc.. The darkness in Clouds h.. Real Husb.. Pepsi.. Dexterity (getting KH3 on .. Dexte.. Dawn of Dr.. Onimusha Dawn of Dr.. Legend Di.. Legend games are harder th.. NA CS Krey.. shadow of ka.. Coco Bandi.. Coco Bandi.. Good night K.. Grape .. sleepy time.. LoL Pl.. Evil Tre.. Evil Tresdin (pasear al pe.. Evil Tresdin (pasear al pe.. Grape .. brb walking.. Duelist of s.. Livin Real .. SSJ Blue .. KitKat.. Ready Se.. commend for com..
    more than a cat with a .. been on the g.. Coco Bandi.. Wrath of Co.. .. York nap ti.. .. York Drawin.. York .. York York (walking d.. York .. Forever in my .. York .. Smokin Sick S.. Star.. Yorks.. Wrath of Co.. .. York (early AM .. York (friends ho.. York (taking a .. Way .. Hi Cel.. York on savage .. Life Will Cha.. .. forever in my .. forever in my zone (disney.. forever in my .. Artifact Due.. Trouble in Para.. Real Husb.. Real Husbando (sl.. Real Husb.. York (sl.. .. Jerra lover.. York .. a edgy european teen.. .. Straw hat L.. Riptos .. don quixote doflam.. Riptos Rage (sl.. Riptos .. Husbando mate.. the nova pros.. why do we fa.. .. York (sleepy t.. I WANT THAT K.. York (productive mode.. Yo.. .. Turbo mode (swap comme.. SLEEEEP.. York .. Shadow of S.. dont understand people som.. Jerra.. Yo.. .. LIFE WILL CH.. Soul .. Trouble in para.. York (giving out candy .. Trouble in para.. .. York (sleepy t.. .. Conspiracy th.. Yorkey D.. Yo.. commend for com.. a handsome mixed.. Valkyrie of .. Turbo Due.. Scion of the valk.. york .. you stole my .. handsome bach.. Yorkshire (.. Yorks.. Goku B.. storm is a mindless .. york (guitar draw.. .. york (at ice cream par.. yorker (ice cream pa.. yo.. york (good night world, .. york (guitar draw.. .. a cute yorkshire p.. welp thats .. The S.. Yo.. .. York (sl.. .. yoooorrrr.. yooooooooorrrr.. Vitamin W.. Weird but ble.. Crea.. W h y D o W e F a l.. why do we .. Yo.. My cute fri.. LoL Pl.. you are t.. .. feelsgoodman (bbl m.. OCD sleepy time z.. .. Red Dead Revo.. Y crazy night ;3good fuckin.. TURN UP SATUR.. Creative .. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!.. Yung .. Sand.. on Kyos stream 2K viewer h.. ;3 (on kyos stream 2k vie.. ;3 BBL YOU FELL ASLEEP ON.. york (out for.. .. good night world .. .. Legend players are ca.. Yor.. Yor.. Yorkuza (b.. Yorkmue (b.. Yorkmuekuza (b.. York (b.. .. Mireska Sunbr.. miqote o.. Turbo Due.. Turbo Duelist (grand final.. crazy - week (new he.. ... L.. Im .. .. York (grocery for cli.. .. York (im a d.. .. York (sho.. zzzzzz.. DONT BODY BLOC.. Last Vi.. Coca .. STFU and .. Coca .. Im a.. Drag.. shadow of .. War.. Person with a cute av.. Matilda is a pro overwatch.. .. york (sister bday h.. Yo.. Yorkey (out for .. Yo.. Lone.. Vi.. Tilt Mode .. single handsome bach.. yo.. yorkey (driving erra.. .. one less dark conspi.. Yo.. legen.. Yo.. Yorkey (store EVO snac.. Yorkey (out for a .. Yo.. Yorkey (out for a .. Yo.. Dream.. Exclusive .. Duelist of the r.. .. 700 SFV confirmed hard .. yo.. yorkey.. york .. believe the .. Duelist of the r.. Yo.. herro.. Im soooo .. Im .. .. york (at cousins pool part.. yo.. shadow of cel.. .. Okay Cele.. Single Handsome Bach.. Single Handsome Bachelor (.. Single Handsome Bach.. .. Duelist of S.. .. york (gym with friend and .. .. legendof.. Feral Imp.. out for night jog with.. Norwegian Sl.. .. Tilt .. a single handsome bach.. Dr. Yo.. .. sleepy fox.. Caulrons b.. york .. .. what a - day, time f.. york (sisters graduation +.. .. Dr. Yo.. Yo.. Yor.. Yorkuza TacoTuesdays.. Yor.. .. York (sl.. Finding For.. Caulrons fr.. one less dark conspi.. fight for the fut.. york .. .. yorkuza (run sho.. yor.. .. york (.. tommorow never .. .. Legend of Eo.. I like b.. Hes saying I played bad? .. Hes saying I played .. FUCKING PUSH AGAINST 5 C.. Captain Ma.. keeper of the light is use.. Banana Panc.. Hello t.. Cya k.. Guitar Connois.. .. york theater marvel infin.. Pepsi.. Banana Panc.. Banana Pancakes (store wit.. Banana Panc.. .. york (in the p.. york (drawing gui.. Yo.. Relo.. Drows .. chillin with da.. one less dark conspi.. working in back.. Cauly W.. Waulrons fr.. one less dark conspiracy (.. one less dark conspi.. one less dark conspiracy (.. one less dark conspi.. with cousin walking around.. one less dark conspi.. yor.. Call me d.. Call me daddy (movie night.. Y o.. Y o r k (at cousins ho.. Y o r k (movie night.. Y o r k (movie ni.. your smile my happi.. XXL Fres.. Yu.. .. dark conspi.. One less dark conspi.. .. Neo Look what I ca.. york (sho.. .. york (at cousins ho.. .. Caulrons Fr.. .. Fight for the fu.. York (edit.. York (sleepy t.. Good night w.. York.. Yor.. good night world.. Riptos .. Riptos Rage (walking dogs .. Whaaaa!? YES .. Riptos Rage (st.. York.. yor.. e.. .. York (walking .. York (out for dinner mass.. .. York (guitar draw.. .. York (walking d.. .. Bad .. Sergei Drag.. Caulrons fr.. Yor.. York (Clean.. York (slee.. Lab Mon.. Del.. The last Mis.. York .. York .. .. York York Bork .. Yo.. Kazumi (.. believe the .. つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give A.. つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give A.. つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give .. Riptos .. Riptos Rage (.. Riptos .. The Last Mis.. Kaiser .. .. York (.. Ka.. Lone .. Banana Panc.. Banana Pancakes (.. .. shadow of.. shadow of lux (st.. york (skatep.. Mis.. Mishima (back later at .. Yo.. Yorkey (Sho.. Yo.. dont be toxic just .. Why not ursa for tim.. .. york (nap then be.. york .. york york (.. I like orange j.. fear he who fears not.. yo.. .. Fly A.. Thats a scary s.. York.. Yorksuko (.. Yorkey (out for a .. Karin Kan.. Thats a scary s.. .. york (an.. york (.. Thats a scary s.. Cauly W.. getting a new hair style L.. .. today was a good.. york (out for din.. .. cold .. yung .. .. york (headache, nap t.. good night fri.. Yo.. Yorkey (at st.. Yo.. Yorkey (walking d.. you are my suns.. you are my sunshine (clean.. Young .. I am .. I am york (out for night .. One Less Dark Conspi.. .. Try harder .. you had a chance to.. .. One less dark conspi.. York (..
    Yo.. my cute fri.. Yor.. York (walking .. York (sleepy t.. YOUR .. One Less Dark Conspiracy (.. the toxic teams are .. Fight for the fut.. KBs Se.. Yo.. Yorkey (guitar draw.. Yo.. The Young Sin.. York .. York York (walking the d.. York York (guitar d.. The Young Sin.. So much for being a real f.. .. The Young Sin.. Nova Pros.. york da music tea.. Last Vi.. Last Vision (.. .. York.. Yorkster (watch anime, for.. Prodigal Son (editing gui.. Prodigal.. York (guitar draw train.. Its been a good .. Its been a good week (Draw.. dope ass week.. York Slee.. .. York (edit.. Trap Slayer (out for a .. Trap Sl.. .. York (drawing gui.. you are my suns.. Yung .. get a life seren.. I am .. .. York (cleaning backy.. York .. NIGHT BEGINS TO S.. .. Hersheys (guitar study.. Hersheys Choco.. sleepyy.. shadow of .. Rainbow .. Hersheys Chocolate (gui.. Hersheys Choco.. Hers.. York .. Tilt Mode [.. .. GG .. Lewd Mode [.. Lewd Mode .. Chill Mode .. .. York (guitar draw.. The Year .. Pas.. Carol Dan.. York (nap, then m.. .. York (guitar pract.. York (guitar train.. Friendship works both w.. It works both w.. York .. walking dog for real this .. Shadow of Mitsuko (walking.. Shadow of Mit.. KitKat.. you are my suns.. you are my sunshine(walkin.. Cauly .. Help Caul.. .. york (walking dogs at p.. Love aint worth much to.. Doctor Yo.. Caulrons fr.. .. What the heck Lam.. Finall.. Herro Sara.. Son .. York Marshal (out for a .. York Mar.. York Mars.. Real Yo.. .. RIP P.. Nova Pros.. Nova Prospekt (edit.. .. Binary .. Binary Mode (clean.. Binary Mode .. Binary Mode [ON] (edit.. Hybrid Th.. Yo.. GameStop Empl.. Goku .. .. .. Shadow of Al.. Shadow of .. Foc.. Probably a reason your unh.. .. Comeback Se.. york (.. Captain Ma.. zzzzz.. Legen.. Legendado (edit.. York .. Tilt Mode .. Im So .. Lagged.. Yo.. Yorkey (.. Tllt mode .. Captain Ma.. Carol Dan.. .. Whens Mah.. .. Yorkey ( Watching DB Su.. shadow of mo.. youre so dumb .. tilt mode .. tilt mode [on] (sl.. tilt mode .. drop your snakes at the t.. Yo.. Yorkey (shower clean.. you are my suns.. closer to my dr.. York .. Caulys fr.. Caulys hom.. forever in my .. .. night vanessa (sleep, .. yo.. be back in a few .. AFK Jungle Midas Ga.. Yo.. Sunshine Sunshi.. Sunshine Sunshine.. Sunshine Sunshine!? (Jog .. Fuck you E.. Fuck you El.. Youre a bi.. Moe Szy.. .. GreatDarkVil.. GreatDarkVil.. believe the .. Hybrid Th.. york .. Cyaaaa.. .. York (.. York (night time jog .. The Swarm (out jogg.. The S.. RIP The d.. Evo hype! USA .. York .. York .. Riptos .. Rise To H.. Caulron!!? Is that y.. yo.. yorkey (cleaning eat.. Im tire.. i am .. You are my suns.. .. GG Muh Ka.. MLG 420 Blunt N.. forever in my zone (m.. forever in my .. yorkey (gui.. yo.. Shadow of K.. .. Makayla sucks a.. yo.. Chocolate Chip Coo.. Kobe Bryan.. .. york (guitar train.. forever in my .. .. Kobe Bryan.. York .. Shadow of On.. Shadow of M.. MMR Assa.. what now maka.. yo.. forever in my .. York .. Shadow of M.. Yo.. .. York (shower work.. Forever in my .. .... Makayla sucks at overwatc.. Max P.. 700.. 700 Nothing but gar.. Sniper and silencer are .. 3.8K MMR sn.. Legend of .. Wut Im so .. Im so wavy (out for a .. Foc.. HE MAD! HE .. Foc.. .. York .. York York (Clean.. Yor.. York (at the .. York (clean.. Your friend yo.. Yo.. 300 United Airlines Empl.. United Airlines Employee (.. Lost Within The Males.. York .. The Nova Pros.. Yo.. Who is Ono.. Shadow of On.. Shadow of Onohan (gui.. Yooka La.. York.. .. WHAT.. Legen.. love my subscri.. Shadow of Max P.. Max P.. I am .. Yung .. York .. York York (.. York .. love my true fri.. Yo.. York (working on my .. York.. York York (at the st.. .. York York (zz.. York York (watching dbz ti.. York York (sl.. Frostys Fri.. Game is .. Report Le.. Frostyyyy.. Yo.. Yorkey (BBL doing a fa..
    a boy named .. Awesomeeee.. Yo.. Merry Christ.. YookaLa.. York (new webcame.. Returning to Twitc.. Yorkey (sl.. Feral Imp.. Sarahs Sh.. Yo.. Public Enem.. Believe the .. Caulrons fr.. Yorkey(watching korra, the.. Yorkey (.. Yorkey(watching korra, the.. Yorkey (out for a .. Yorkey (sleep.. Reco.. 600.. Quantum of So.. Never Give.. Twitch TV .. Dont play Meepo ra.. Shadow of S.. Yo.. Yorkey (clean.. Yo.. My Korean .. Yo.. The Real Slim S.. Just a mere.. Serahs Sh.. Remark.. Kobe Bryan.. Yo.. Good ol .. I a m Y o.. Yo.. Whaaaa.. Y o r k.. Y o r k e y (cleaning gui.. Y o r k.. Y o r k e y (guitar study.. Y o r k e y (guitar workin.. Y o r k.. e.. y o r k e y (dota draw gui.. y o r k e y (sl.. y o r k e y (late night ru.. y o r k e y (Dota Marat.. I a m y o r k e y (Gui.. I a m y o r k.. I a m y o r k e y (sleep.. y o r k e y (late night ru.. Colorless .. THE - IS WRONG WITH ME .. THE - IS WRONG WIT.. Yo.. Youre bad bo.. Shadow Of Mo.. Tis Critical, This Daed.. XD nooooooooo! (sl.. XD noooooo.. Y o r k.. Y o r k e y (back home fin.. Y o r k (in New York) home.. Y o r k.. Y o r k e y (.. R i P T o S R a.. Yo.. You got a BF reme.. Hellooooo Sarah!!.. Y o.. Go to sleep Serah!.. Y o r k.. yorks.. A dominant yorks.. Make Dota Great A.. Ur PaL Yo.. Going to singapore s.. up and away just chi.. Y o r k e y (M.. I just wanna .. Kunkkas Sh.. Yo.. A Yorkshire Puppy (.. A Yorkshire P.. eZ Cl.. One Less Dark Conspi.. One Less Dark Conspr.. Yo.. We Drinking Ton.. Yo.. Lifted Minds.. YorKeY (sho.. Really Alexis? Jeez wo.. um, you read my message w.. Really Ale.. YorKeY(on a IRL date .. buy a fucking.. GG .. You are bad at .. Yo.. Yorkey (Guitar working .. Wh.. Donald Tru.. Yorkey (watching .. Mitchiko and Yo.. YorKeY (We Ti.. Yo.. YorKeY (working .. Shadow of the Colo.. Closer To The S.. Shooting .. Yorkey (GoT Skype D.. Welcome to For.. Yorkey (watching G.. Yo.. L a s t V i s i.. Im a Ki.. Im a Killer (studying gui.. Yo.. My Life Is An.. Yo.. Shadow of S.. F.. Man On The .. Rainbow Six Le.. Yo.. YorK (gui.. Chill Lifes.. Y o r K e y(cleaning lunch.. B a d M.. B a d M a n (clean.. Y o r k (At the p.. Easter B.. Michiko and Yo.. Yo.. NothingEverDiesEnergySurv.. Easter Egg B.. Interestin.. I know the fe.. hung over (s.. At the bar with friends (I.. Dota 2 Mara.. Yorkey D.. We Not Tilting Today B.. Moo.. L i ve Y o u r L i.. W h y D o W e F a L.. Yo.. Nice - smurf.. That sunshine dont mean a .. Someday Ill be a Hikiko.. Hot.. Amazing game.. Y o r K (shower.. You are so.. Yo.. Kobe Bryant Legac.. THAT AINT FIA.. Street Fighter V is o.. We not tiltin today bo.. Dota Marathon (Hit me.. Y o r K e Ys Es.. npc_dota_hero_slark.. Yo r k.. Drow Ranger is a - .. Its Not Always S.. 5AM (Guitar + Draw.. My Teammates Are.. Youre all awful at .. Yo.. Life Is Str.. Things are going my.. YorKeY (Beach date .. YorKeY (Photo S..
    YorKeY (Pa.. YorKeY (.. YorKeY (Going to Europe.. Yo.. YorKeY (productive .. This Song Is On Re.. Looks Like We Ti.. Looks Like We Tiltin (Sk.. Yorkey (Sk.. FUCK YOUU.. Good Ol .. Yo.. On My.. New Beginn.. Yo.. The Year .. You Are My Suns.. Shadow of M.. Yo.. Yorkey (gui.. Helloooooo Mayr.. Lets Get .. Cocos Friend!.. Puffy .. Thigh High S.. Jill Valen.. qutting dota afte.. GROUP UP WHEN WE ARE WIN.. STFU i SAID GROU.. Eternal So.. PUSH WHEN WE ARE WIN.. Reported by a true .. Yorkey (too sick at gui.. Yorkey finally going trave.. Shadow of Slark (Tilting h.. Eternal Suns.. Me v.. Yo.. Shadow of Ly.. Shadow of Lyrill (gui.. Thats just not my s.. NagaNaga.. Lyrill Dont Be Stubbo.. Yorkey (skype gui.. Us Versus .. Bad Wind Ranger + Inv.. As Daylight .. That - you follow on T.. Selenas Fr.. END WHEN WE ARE WIN.. WE LOSE LATE .. Meepo Spa.. As Daylight Dies (Guitar S.. Yorkey (Guitar Sk.. What a wonderful .. What a wonderful life (cle.. Yo.. Biggest Tilt .. Teams so bad game unplay.. might b gone 4 a .. You are trash at .. You are all horrible at .. You Are My Suns.. Closer To the Stars (gui.. Fall Out The.. Happy Thou.. Well, isnt that someth.. That was rude, so.. But .. Man On The Moon (gui.. You Are My Suns.. You Are My Sunshine (gui.. Why is the week so amaz.. That New.. In Mexico till Monday.. Skate .. MLG 420 Blunt N.. YorKeY is T.. Sunshine, Sunsh.. We Aint Til.. A Cute.. Marie Aint Ti.. We Aint Tilting Today .. Kuri .. Erio, im wait.. Hope Runs .. Feral Impulse (sl.. YorKeY (summer sale dre.. Nova Pros.. Acceleration of Su.. YorKeY (summer s.. Best SF4 player .. You Are My Suns.. Youre a bi.. Youre pretty repuls.. .. The Best .. Claire Redf.. 51 Degrees Cel..
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    You Are My Suns..

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