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SteamID SourceMod Plug-in

What does it do?

It gives you an in game view of players, It allows server administrators to automaticly kick players with, Game Bans , Community Ban , VAC Ban , SteamID Ban , SteamRep ban.

Plugin Download & Setup

  • Download steamid.smx, Drop this into your sourcemod plugins folder... (Source)
  • Extract and drop the relevant extension from SteamWorks into your sourcemod extensions folder
  • Copy the below settings into your server.cfg (Make sure to login to SteamID and get your API key)
    steamid_api_key = "YourApiKeyHere" // your SteamID api key here
    steamid_kick_tradebanned "1"// Auto kick trade banned players
    steamid_kick_steamidbanned "1" // auto kick banned players
    steamid_kick_vacbanned "1"// auto kick vac banned players
    steamid_kick_communitybanned "1" // auto kick community banned players
    steamid_kick_gamebanned "1" // auto kick players with game bans
    steamid_kick_steamrepbanned "1" // auto kick players that have been steam at SteamID with steamrep bans


    !steamid NAME	
    !lookup NAME		
    !steamid Martin	

    Data Sent to SteamID from the Plugin

  • SteamID Api Key
  • Request SteamID64
  • Server Port

    Early Screenshots