How Can I send my support to SteamID?

Contact will be made to users who support $5.00+ to get you added onto the support list


Steam items

Send bitcoin



Mail server & desktop hardware to SteamID Contact

Why should I send my support?

Patreon is prefered; The below may become outdated / features may not work for new donators

SteamID is maintained,written and managed solely by one person, The server costs are high but SteamID is a project that i enjoy working on. I live with my wife, three kids and i work full time while managing my own infrastructure and other projects. Any support provided directly helps pay for the running costs of SteamID

When support comes though i will contact you directly to say thanks and to obtain your profile information to add you to the site supporters should you wish. Supporters do get some additional features. the basics of this include:

  • Marked supporter profile
  • Appear on support list
  • Access to see how people are getting to your SteamID profile
  • Higher database limits (where high number of records)
  • Request higher API calls

  • You can view supporters here